Pittsburgh PA Edition: Pho Kim 88

By Candace Nelson - 3:43 PM

I have a friend - we won't mention her name (but if you read my blog often you'll probably know) - who tends to get on food kicks. Right now, she's really into pho.

Pho Kim CollageThere's a pho place in Pittsburgh named "Pho Kim 88," which we have laughed about when we've driven past. Especially funny considering "pho" is more pronounced like "fuh." So "fuh" "kim." Get it? Get it?

Pho Kim 88Anyway, we began to take this place more seriously when trying to figure out where to get pho nearby. Something possessed us on a Monday night to drive up to Pittsburgh for dinner. I mean, yolo, I guess that's what you can do when you're 25 and have no significant other responsibilities.

Pho Kim 88I ordered a Royce Roll, which has shrimp tempura, crabmeat, avocado, cucumber and baked salmon and spicy sauce on the outside. This was pretty good. I didn't realize the salmon was baked when I ordered it, so my roll was warm. I think I would've preferred raw salmon, but overall, tasty.

Pho Kim 88For an appetizer, we ordered the crispy cheese wontons, because I'm obsessed. These were OK. Extra crispy - like brittle/fall apart as soon as you bite crispy. No dipping sauce, so I missed the sweet part of it. But not bad.

Pho Kim 88For my mail meal (which, btw, I was already stuffed at this point ugh), I got a vermicelli noodles bowl with pork. It came out as a gigantic bowl full of lettuce, beansprouts, onion/fried onion, cilantro, basil, cucumber, carrot, a spring roll, peanut, sesame seed and fish sauce. I could add sauce as I liked, and it turned into a giant salad with noodles and it was amazing. The sauce was a sweet sauce, plus I added some soy sauce. Delicious and tons to take home for leftovers.

OH, and the bubble tea. I haven't had bubble tea where it's actually like a tea. Usually it's like a smoothie with tapioca balls. This is a tea with ice and these little bubbles that burst. I ordered a strawberry one, and it was delicious.

A little ways away from us, but if you're really wanting Vietnamese, I think it's worth it.

Grade: A
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