Wheeling Edition: DiCarlo's Pizza

By Candace Nelson - 10:49 AM

Wheeling DiCarlos CollageSpoiler alert: I don't think I can give DiCarlo's any less than an A. Biased? Obvi.

While in Wheeling, I decided to get two quick slices (or pieces, slices makes me think of triangular slices) from the DiCarlo's located on Main Street in Wheeling. I had never been to this location -- or many of the others more south -- so new restaurant + it being DiCarlo's = dream.

It's weird walking into this location; it feels like an actual restaurant. There is art on the walls of old DiCarlo's signs or folks working in the kitchen. There was even this nice little poster showcasing the history. Plus tables and people eating in. And space. Talk about a change from the sparse, white walls and lack of tables at Wellsburg's DiCarlo's.

I ordered at the counter and waited at a table for my order. Soon enough, a folded-over cardboard box tied with a rubberband housing two piping hot pieces of square pizza was in my hands.

The beauty of DiCarlo's is the perfectly crisp crust, the well-seasoned sauce and the freshly grated mozzarella cheese that is tossed on at the end so it creates this very flavorful bite where you can actually taste the flavor of the cheese instead of it turning into this sort of flavorless, greasy elastic.

Wheeling DiCarlosMy car wasn't far away, so I just in the drivers seat and unveiled this small piece of gold. As I opened the box, I could see it had already become steamy and cheese was melting. Not so fast, cheese. In my belly first.

It's delicious. Crust was a bit crisper than Wellsburg's (my preferred location), but it's still perfection.

Grade: A
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