Cleveland, OH Edition: Great Lakes Brewing Company

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Great Lakes Brewing CompanyNo trip is complete without a visit to a local brewery. Great Lakes Brewing Co. has its brewpub in Cleveland. It's well-known and one of the larger craft breweries.

Great Lakes Brewing CompanyGreat Lakes Brewing Company 

Great Lakes is the first brewpub and microbrewery in Ohio; it's also clearly a popular spot among the locals because we waited ~20 minutes downstairs for a table. The downstairs features a bar with so, so many people milling about.

Great Lakes Brewing CompanyGreat Lakes Brewing CompanyWhen our buzzer finally went off, we were escorted upstairs to a small table. I quickly decided on the Dortmunder Gold for my drink - it's their first beer and the best-seller of the brewery. I really like this beer. It's light, refreshing, but still has flavor. I also got a sampler of the High Striker Single, a limited seasonal, which was similar in flavor but with more spice.

Great Lakes Brewing CompanyAs for my meal, I wanted a Great Lakes Brewing Company signature dish, and the fish & chips was calling my name. I'm a sucker for a good fish and chips. This one featured Alaskan cod, crispy Edmund Fitzgerald Porter batter, pub fries, housemade tartar sauce and housemade cole slaw.

Great Lakes Brewing CompanyAt this point, I have to say our service was kind of meh. I think it's because they're so busy, ushering people in and out, they don't really focus on the individual experience.

Great Lakes Brewing CompanyMy fish was fairly average. The tartar sauce was a little gritty and runny, but the flavor wasn't bad. And the fish itself was nicely cooked and good quality.

Great Lakes Brewing CompanyGreat Lakes Brewing CompanyFor dessert, I wasn't going to get anything because I was stuffed. BUT they had bread pudding. So. I couldn't resist.

Great Lakes Brewing CompanyAnd thank god, because it was one of the best bread puddings I've ever had. Super dense and indulgent, but SO good. SERIOUSLY SO GOOD.

Great Lakes Brewing Company
We didn't get to do a tour because we didn't register in time, but I got a quick glance. They also have a nice shop full of all sorts of merchandise.

Overall, my meal was good, my dessert was great, and service was iffy. But it's kind of special to get beer straight from the source instead of bottled and shipped hours away. So that alone was kind of a cool experience.

My suggestion would be try to find a time between meals to go so it's not quite as crazy busy. And make sure you save room for the bread pudding. You're welcome.

Grade: B
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