Daniel Vineyards

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Daniel Vineyards

Daniel Vineyards, located in Crab Orchard, is a winery I first learned about while at one of the wine festivals in the state. When I saw the sign for the winery driving back from a day of skiing, it was a god-send. What could be better than a glass of wine to pair with sore muscles and a chilly day?

Daniel Vineyards

The property is beautiful. Winding up the hill are the vineyards, and the stone building looks as though it could be the perfect venue for parties. Just picturesque.

Daniel Vineyards

The main building is large, and it looked as though they just had a paint and sip recently, as canvases and easels were pushed off to the side.

Daniel VineyardsDaniel Vineyards

We made quick use of our time tried all the wines they had available: 2010 Esprit, 2013 Esprit, 2012 White and 2012 Pink were what we started with. My favorite was the 2012 white - a semi-dry white blend of Seyval, Chardonel and Esprit grapes. The red 2008 St. Vincent was good - similar to a merlot. Plus there were two dessert wines: blackberry and 2008 port. The blackberry is a top seller, so I had to get one of those.

Daniel Vineyards is a beautiful place with a handful of very tasty wines. If you're in the area, definitely give 'em a try.

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