Berkeley Springs Edition: Tari's Cafe

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Tari's Cafe
While searching for a place to have lunch in Berkeley Springs, Tari's Cafe popped up. The cafe features some sandwiches and burgers as part of their lunch menu all in a little art gallery atmosphere.

Tari's CafeA few menu items stood out to me - "Beach Bums," which was a crab cake sandwich (because mmm crab cakes), "Tari's French Dip," with shaved ribeye, Muenster cheese, portabellas, and au jus; and "Fried Green Tomato Po Boy," which had house made pimento cheese, creamy slaw, remoulade, tempura fried green tomato, crispy bacon, artisan torta and kettle chips. I went with the latter.

Tari's Cafe
The sandwich was piled high, with a fried mass at the center. I dug into the fried green tomato, but I mostly could only taste fried. I'm not sure if the tomato wasn't very flavorful, or if it wasn't a thick enough piece to have any of the flavor shine, or if it was cooked too long and turned a bit mushy and melded with the breading - or maybe a combo of all three. Either way, I wish I could taste the tomato itself.

The pimento cheese and slaw were both flavorful, though. Pretty good - but a few tweaks would make it great.

Tari's CafeGrade: B
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