Oak Hill Edition: Custard Stand

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Custard Stand - Oak HillThe Custard Stand is a West Virginia institution. With six locations around the state, the restaurant draws a loyal crowd - both on the chili and the custard front. The chili can even be bought in most local grocery stores in the area.

Custard Stand - Oak HillWhile traveling, we tried to stop at the Elkins location determined to get an iconic ice cream photo a la Gordon Gee. When the location was unexpectedly closed, I poured my heart out on Twitter. I was devastated that we rushed to get there and Tony wasn't going to get his first Custard Stand experience. With some swift assistance from their social media person and some refiguring of our schedule, I figured out we would be traveling near the Oak Hill location later in the week. Plan made.

Custard Stand - Oak HillThe Oak Hill location has a more modern feel with a few stainless steel table and chair sets inside. I ordered a small caramel cone; Tony ordered a small cone, as well. So the small here wasn't quite as impressive, but it worked. And it's delicious, as always! Creamy! No hotdogs on this visit, but sweet treats are always welcome.

We also managed to get T-shirts out of the exchange, which is awesome. It's a perfect reminder of our fun trip and Tony's first Custard Stand cone.

Grade: A
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  1. I love the the Custard Stand because my dad makes the best blueberry cheesecake milkshake or ice cream and I would really like it to be put on the menu actually I'm pretty sure it is but if it isn't then I'd be really great to put on the menu because well it tastes like heaven is inside your mouth it's like I can't even explain it that it's so good I love going there my dad next bus hot dogs burgers ice cream milkshakes custard stands great place where everybody makes great food


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