Logan Edition: Morrison's Drive Inn

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Morrisons drive inI'm rounding the last corner on my trip to try all the drive-in restaurants in West Virginia. If you haven't been following along, West Virginia has just about a dozen drive-in restaurants left in the state. Most of the remaining drive-ins are located in the southern part of the state. I've made my way to many, including Sterling Drive-In in Welch, the Pinnacle Drive-In in Pineville, the Tunnel Drive-In in Williamson, the King Tut Drive-In in Beckley, the Frostop Drive In in Huntington, Jim's Drive In in Lewisburg and Biggie's in Grafton (the last two have not yet posted at the time of writing this post). Just a few more to go!

Morrisons drive inBecause there are three drive-in restaurants located right in Logan, I made the trip there to try all three of the restaurants during lunch. The first was a chicken sandwich at Janet's Park &Eat. The second? Parkway Drive In's cheeseburger. And the best for last: Morrison's Drive Inn!

Morrisons drive inThe three Logan drive-ins are owned by the same family and each feature similar menu items, though they all boast individual recipes. Morrison's, though, does the most business by far. It was also named as one of the bets hotdogs in the state. That made my decision here pretty easy. We pulled up, saw a carhop nearby, asked if we could just place our order with her, and headed over to the picnic tables nearby to have our meal.

Morrisons drive inOnce she brought out our hotdogs, I first noticed they're wrapped in cellophane - that was a first! It definitely keeps in ALL the heat and would prevent leaking through paper. But since it holds in heat so well, eat it quickly! The chili, slaw, mustard and onions all began to run together, so the individual ingredients were hard to distinguish. But the combined flavor overall was on point. I liked the chili a lot - good flavor. The slaw was a bit piecey - I kind of like a more paste consistency. But I'm just splitting hairs. I liked this hotdog. I'll defer to the West Virginia Hot Dog Blog on the official weenie ranking, but as far as Candace Lately goes - get it!

Grade: A
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