Morgantown Edition: KD's Pub & Grub

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

K&D's Pub & GrubKD's Pub & Grub is a new bar located along Brockway Avenue (I've learned this is the Lower Greenmont neighborhood) that features a few Rochester, New York, inspired dishes - like "garbage plates" and these fancy hotdogs. The owner hails from the region.

K&D's Pub & GrubThe new bar - and I certainly lean more toward the label "bar" than "restaurant" - occupies the space of a former Yann's Hot Dogs. They are aiming for this "neighborhood bar" feel, though I'm not sure they're quite there yet.

K&D's Pub & GrubI went recently for lunch since it's not too far of a trek from work. They only had their limited "gameday" menus available on the bar, but the owner told us they're actually offering their full menu. He went to the back to print out a copy for us.

K&D's Pub & GrubThey serve Zweigle's brand hot dogs and feature "KD's Pub Plate," which is a spinoff of the garbage plate. So, I opted for a KD plate with two hots - one of each kind (beef & pork or pork only)- along with french fries and macaroni salad (you could also opt for baked beans). I also added cheese, because doesn't cheese make everything better?

K&D's Pub & GrubIt took quite a while for our food to come out, but when it did, I was impressed. It's a mound of food. It's a lot. There was a huge pile of french fries, topped with chili, topped with the two hotdogs, topped with macaroni salad and topped with cheese. It really is a garbage plate. A tasty garbage plate. I did use some ketchup as a sauce; Tony had the baked beans, which acted as a sauce. But it's tasty - a whole mashup of tasty foods can only equal even tastier.

This is a huge gross plate of fried food covered in chili and cheese. And I mean gross in the tastiest way. The way that would be perfect after a beer or three.

Grade: B
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