Milwaukee, WI Edition: MillerCoors

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Miller Coors

MillerCoors produces a lot of beers - including Blue Moon, Leinenkugel and Crispin. That's in addition to the Coors, Miller Lite, Milwaukee's Best, etc.

Miller CoorsWe took a tour around their facility, and it's pretty much what I expected. The whole experience was a little ... off. The tour guides are extra rehearsed, to the point where their inflections and everything is just so forced.

Miller CoorsThe best part, though, is that it is free AND you get some pretty sizable samples. One of which I ended up spilling because I'm really great at life.

Miller CoorsIf you have time, sure, it's interesting to see a huge, huge brewing facility. But for the experience - go for the smaller guys, for sure.

Miller Coors

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