New York City, NY Edition: Murray's Bagels (Chelsea)

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

MurraysMy first morning in NYC had to start off with a bagel and lox (lox is a specific kind of smoked salmon). New York has a thing for bagels, and Murray's is one of the best bagel shops. We set on our way to the Chelsea location to sink our teeth in these delicacies.

MurraysMurray's had a line, and we waited for quite some time. I was OK with that, though, because I had to figure out how to order. First things first - they do not toast. These are fresh bagels; don't dare ask for it toasted.

MurraysPick what kind of bagel - plain, garlic, everything, multigrain, onion, poppyseed and many more. Then there's a ton of cream cheese - scallion, sundried tomato, roasted garlic, strawberry, etc. Then, what kind of fish? Nova Scotia, Scottish salmon, belly lox, gravlax, Norwegian salmon. All sorts.


I ultimately decided on a Nova Scotia salmon on a plain bagel with plain cream cheese, capers and red onions. The original seemed like the way to go.

MurraysAnd, wow, this was the best version of a bagel and lox I've ever had. It's a bagel sandwich, and all the flavors together were perfect. I have dreams of recreating this exact sandwich, but I have not been able to find a bagel even near as good - the chew and density cannot be replicated.

MurraysGrade: A
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