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By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM


There are some vendors at the Morgantown Farmers Market that I'm just now getting around to trying! Richardson's Farm is one of them. My good friend Lisa, who used to be the market manager, gave me some insight to this vendor.

Richardson's Farm is run by Sudawan “Sue” Richardson in Fairmont, WV. This 5-acre plot is covered in a large variety of produce from a few fruit trees, a berry patch, herb garden, rows upon rows of tomatoes and peppers, and a large variety of other veggies that can be found at her market table. 
Sue is originally from Thailand, where she was a school teacher, but she came to America as a mail-order bride. She married her husband Curtis, who recently passed away (May 2016) after a long illness and years of being bed-ridden. Sue’s story is excellent and I could do no justice in telling the whole thing, but it is rather fantastic and involves rejecting a Canadian millionaire because she didn’t know what that meant in English. 
She is not a USDA Certified Organic grower, but does her best to not use any chemicals on the farm. Speaking from experience, the amount of spiders and weeds is a testament to those practices. Sue happily invites people to visit the farm for events, tours, or if you have a desire to pick produce. You can find her produce at a few area farmers markets and at the independent “All Things Herbal Local Market” in Fairmont.
I got some delicious strawberries here! What's your fav item from Richardson's Farm?

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