Perryopolis, PA Edition: Gene & Boots

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Gene & BootsWe THOUGHT our day in Pittsburgh was complete. We came, we ate, we played and we were ready to go. And, we were traveling through Pennsylvania, heading back home when this brilliant beam of light shot through the sky like it was calling to us: "Chocolate Factory."

Gene & BootsI mean. How could we ignore that. The exterior was precious, with candy-striped poles, playful fluorescent lights and just the most quaint looking place to perch. We passed it, talked about how badly we needed to go, turned around in the middle of the highway and made it back 10 minuets before closing.

Gene & BootsI realize this is late, but I didn't plan to stay in there long. I wanted to buy a couple treats and head out. Unfortunately, they already had all the windows covered up with the individual chocolates, and even as we walked in, they continued to blanket up things around us. I was looking at this row of candies, and a lady came in behind me and threw a blanket on it. Way to make your customers feel welcome. A better way would've been a reminder that they close in 10 minutes but would be happy to serve us anything behind the blankets.

Gene & BootsI still picked up a box of chocolates, and I had a caramel bar. The caramel bar was pretty good, though the chocolates were a gift, so I didn't try those. Had it been a bit more welcoming environment, I think we probably would've dropped a bit more money -- all before the place even closed. We were in and out within 5 minutes - still five minutes before they were scheduled to close.

Gene & BootsGrade: B
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