Weirton Edition: Undo's Famliy Restaurant & Catering

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

UndosAfter Kaitlynn and I had lunch, we were craving something sweet (OK, mainly I was craving something sweet). And considering it was a Sunday in a small town, this was no small feat.

UndosEventually, I realized that Undo's would likely be open - it's a local restaurant that has expanded into a few different locations: Benwood (the original), St. Clairsville - Ohio, Elm Grove and Weirton.

Weirton's location is actually right inside a Holiday Inn. A little strange. But, we went with it. I was actually pretty excited to check out Undo's because I had never been - and I remember hearing the commercial jingle though - pizza, pasta, seafood and more ... Undo's is the place to be when you crave a taste of Italy... :)

UndosAnd as soon as we sat down, we were presented with the complimentary appetizer - a cheesy bread with marinara dipping sauce. It's kinda of like a mini pizza without the toppings. Definitely a good way to start off dinner.

UndosWhen we sat down, we quickly learned there were a handful of dessert options, and I was OK with that. Kaitlynn wasn't a fan of what they had listed and ended up getting a snack instead. I also got a snack because 1) solidarity but also 2) because I never had Undo's food so I wanted to try SOMETHING. And we weren't hungry enough to warrant the buffet they had going on this day.

UndosAlso, look at that cute little tin of garlic butter they put overtop the candle so it melts. How neat?

UndosSo, my order was tiramisu and the pepperoni rolls (things you can do as an adult -- even if you shouldn't). It doesn't get much more West Virginia Italian than that. And, I gotta say, their version of the pepperoni roll was on point. It had a nice crisp outer that exposed a fluffy dough inside with a hunk of hot pepper cheese. The top was brushed with butter, herbs and parmesan. These couple-bite rolls were pretty damn good. Traditional, no. But a tasty take on a classic? Absolutely.

UndosThe tiramisu was pretty good, too. The coffee-flavored Italian dessert has really begun to grow on me - it's light in a sense, and just soul-soothing.

As one blogger put it:
It’s easy to tell if you’ve made a tiramisu just right. Each bite will have rich yet airy yellowish cream, a touch of alcohol, and dreamily soft (but not mushy) coffee-flavored ladyfingers. It should also have a subtle sweetness with just the right bitterness from the coffee and cocoa powder.
My biggest problem is that our server just like left halfway through. We honestly weren't sure how to pay without our checks or knowing where to go.

They have a pretty big menu with all things Italian and more. The space is decent, with a buffet, as well as a sports bar section. The location may be a bit strange, but at least there's simple parking. And, the appetizer and dessert were both good, but the service left something to be desired.

Grade: B
Undos Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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