Morgantown Edition: Green Tea Asian Fusion

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Green tea Asian cuisineSo, a new Asian fusion restaurant has opened in Morgantown bringing a mix of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Thai dishes with it.

Green tea Asian cuisineGreen Tea Asian Fusion has opened on Burroughs Street (in the former Nonna's Bakery location across from The Wine Bar) and is under the same ownership as Asian Bistro in Northpointe Plaza. So, the two are very similar. Green Tea is like a mini Asian Bistro for this side of town.

Green tea Asian cuisineThere are just a handful of booths, a couple tables and some bar seating. The lights glow and cycle through bright colors, and the bar is lit up as well. It's simple, if not a bit sparse. A small case full of toys for purchase is available at the entrance (a nice way to keep kids entertained during dinner?).

Green tea Asian cuisineThe menu has standard items from Thai, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and sushi. It's hard to know what to order in a place like this, because it's just a mish-mash of cuisines. Not that I think that's bad - I think it creates its own cuisine in its own right. Some people poo-poo Americanized Chinese food, because it's not ~authentic~ but that is so dismissive to the cuisine in its own right. No, it's not native to its country of origin; instead, it has crafted dishes specifically tailored to American palates - and some places are doing it really damn well. That's respectable in its own right. Plus, it's always nice to have places like this for when you want sushi, but your friend wants Chinese.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Green tea Asian cuisineSo, Lisa and I took a long look over the menu and decided to just go all out and try a few different dishes. But first, we both ordered bubble teas. The mango was the original/most popular, so we went for that. These were deceptively giant. Light, fruity - I'm on board.

Green tea Asian cuisine
And, I already knew I wanted cheese dumplings, because they are my lifeblood. These did not disappoint. Very creamy, perfectly crispy outside (I think I like these folded over versions better than the folded up because they get more crisp). A sweet chili sauce for dipping - very tasty.

Green tea Asian cuisineLisa got the shumai - also delicious. I used to buy these at the Asian grocery store frozen, nuke them and pop them like popcorn. They're pretty cheap - like these - but so good nonetheless. Love these little things.

Green tea Asian cuisineWe got an order of General Tso's, because as you know, it's my benchmark for Chinese restaurants. Any decent Chinese restaurant should be able to make a good version of the most popular dish. So, it's a good way to start. And, I think this is a pretty solid rendition of it. The quality of the meat was good - not stringy or too dark. The sauce was sweet, just a touch of heat. It's what I was expecting, if not a little bit better quality. I was satisfied.
Green tea Asian cuisineGreen tea Asian cuisine

So, it came with soup and salad, which I passed to Lisa. Not my favorite parts of the meal. I'll occasionally go for the soup if it's chilly out, but otherwise, bring on the main dishes.

Green tea Asian cuisineSo, in additional to the General Tso's, we decided to try out the sushi menu and ordered the "Crunchy Unicorn Roll" because it just sounded so ridiculous. It was shrimp tempura, avocado, cream cheese topped with spicy crabmeat and crunch flakes. They definitely know how to put on a presentation. Take a look at these photos on Yelp. These were tasty; I'm not sure this combination of ingredients could not be tasty. It was maybe a touch dry with those crunchy things. Spicy mayo would take this up to another level. Spicy mayo takes everything up to the next level.

So, I think this is a nice addition. It has a little bit of all my favorites, and it's in a place that was void of this type of cuisine. Everything we had was good. I haven't tried anything yet that is an absolute "must-try," but the menu is large, so there is time to explore. And, I could see them doing a lot of takeout business since they're small. Or, delivery ... and since they're close to me, I might have to try them out sooner than I originally thought ...

Grade: A
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