Spring Valley Farm and Orchard

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Spring Valley OrchardSpring Valley Farm and Orchard, located just outside of Romney, is a family farm that has 355 acres - 180 in diversified fruits and 140 in vegetables. Eli and Misty Cook's display at the Winter Blues North Market was beautiful, so I remembered the name.

Spring Valley OrchardI happened to be driving through the area when I saw this beautiful setup calling my name: Bright red and green apples stacked in crates, labeled on cute chalkboards. It was a nice spring-like day, and the open air blew from the stands outside through inside the building.

Spring Valley OrchardThey have all sorts of fresh produce, including the fruits, gourds and fresh greens.

Spring Valley Orchard
They also had cider, peach syrup, apple butter and jelly.

Spring Valley OrchardHave you been? What's your favorite?

Spring Valley Orchard

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