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By Candace Nelson - 5:00 PM

Evans KnobThe Morgantown Farmers Market has an incredibly and diverse offering of local vendors where you can get everything from lettuce and soaps to flowers and woolie stuffed animals.

Evans KnobEvans Knob Farm is one of the more unique vendors at the market because they do a little bit of everything: jams & jellies, Bloody butcher cornmeal, creamy rich cow's milk soap, salad mix, kale, fresh cut herbs, head lettuces, eggs, duck, rabbit, turkey, lamb, chicken, and woolie items like scarves, mittens, handwoven rungs, handspun yarns and wool needle felted sculptures.

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Reid and I have grown much of our own food over the past twenty years. We started out with a small garden, a few chickens and turkeys, and 3 small daughters. Over the years we have learned much, and put organic growing methods into practice. (We actually certified the farm under USDA in 2003.) This came out of the concern for our family's health. We could see the over use of antibiotics, herbicides, pesticides, growth hormones and chemical fertilizers. We would like to offer to you some of the same fresh bounty that we have the joy of producing. 
Although we are changing our certification to Certified Naturally Grown, we are striving to go beyond what the National Organic Plan requires of us. We look at the land as an investment, and a precious gift. Reid and I are making concentrated efforts to nurture the land, building the soil, and getting the eco system within working as one terrific unit. We are seeing evidence that this is working. We see more earthworm activity, less insect pressure, and higher yields. Every year our harvests add up to thousands of pounds of veggies, picked at the peak of ripeness and delivered to our customers within hours of harvest. 
We bring in very little soil amendments from outside sources. Much of our compost is made here on the farm from our diverse animal population. We do not use raw manures on plots that will be harvested within 140 days. We occasionally will use fish emulsion to do some foliar feeding when the veggies look like they need a boost. We have not used a pesticide in any form for several years. We prefer to bring in and encourage beneficial insects, birds, snakes, (yes, I encourage garden snakes, and black snakes, yikes!) and toads. We also utilize barrier methods of row covers and "Surround." 
We have nearly 3 acres dedicated to vegetable production, with the remaining 127 consisting of pastures, hay meadows and woodlands. We grow much like the French do with their intensive planting. If we did not pay so much attention to the soil conditions we would not be able to accomplish what we do.
I always try to help profile some of the vendors at the market and Evans Knob has been very involved, and Kathy has even served as president of the farmers market board for many years. So, they're a great, dedicated vendor.

Evans KnobStop by and see them at the market, or even shop via their website or look into their CSA!

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