Thursday, May 31, 2018

South Charleston Edition: South Charleston Dairy Bar

South Charleston Dairy Bar

When I drove by the South Charleston Dairy Bar, it made me think of the local ice cream shop in my hometown in the summer.

South Charleston Dairy BarSo, I was really excited to go check it out. They do take credit cards and are open a little later in the evening (7/8) than I originally thought.

South Charleston Dairy Bar
Since I was hungry, I got a West Virginia-style hot dog (chili, slaw, mustard and onions).

South Charleston Dairy Bar
Plus some fried mushrooms.

South Charleston Dairy BarThen I went back for a swirled ice cream cone.

South Charleston Dairy BarHave you been?
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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Charleston Edition: Hot Diggity Dogs

hot diggity dogs

Hot Diggity Dogs is a new hotdog joint in North Charleston.

hot diggity dogsThey serve up - you guessed it - hot dogs, as well as appetizers, sandwiches and wraps.

hot diggity dogsThe good folks over at the West Virginia Hot Dog Blog gave a thorough review of their West Virginia hot dogs. I went a little different route.

hot diggity dogsI did order a West Virginia hot dog with regular chili (they also have spicy) and yellow slaw (they also have regular). But I also got a grilled cheese dog.

hot diggity dogsThe West Virginia dog comes with chili, slaw, mustard and onions. And the grilled cheese dog is a split hot dog in the middle of a grilled cheese bun.

hot diggity dogsOh, and a milkshake.

hot diggity dogsHave you been yet?

hot diggity dogs

hot diggity dogs

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Martinsburg Edition: Blue White Grill

Blue White Grill

Blue White Grill is a diner in downtown Martinsburg, which serves up breakfast all day long.

Blue White Grill
In 1941, William “Bill” Brown built a restaurant in Martinsburg, called the Snow White Grill, along with his two partners. There were nine of these restaurants in the area, serving our original burgers with fried onions and pickles. The partnership dissolved in 1954 and Mr. Brown changed the name on his restaurants to Blue White Grill, because of the blue and white color scheme. Mr. Brown Incorporated The Blue White Grill on May 9, 1958. We have changed a lot in the last 70 plus years, except for our motto. Fast Friendly Service, Quality Food, Popular Prices.
Blue White GrillThey're also known for their burgers. Under their "original classics," was their Original Burger, which has grilled onions and pickles. I also got American cheese to make it the Original Cheeseburger.

Blue White GrillThese are small burgers, so if you want just a snack, it's perfect. If you want more of a meal, might want to get a few.

Blue White Grill

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Monday, May 28, 2018

Martinsburg Edition: Brix 27 & The Downtown Winedown

Brix 27

Brix 27 is a wine bar with dishes made for sharing, and an accompanying wine shop - The Downtown Winedown - where you can purchase wines to take home.

Brix 27

Designed as a gathering space for friends and family, Brix 27 pairs old world ambiance with a modern flare. A fusion of casual sophistication in both culinary fare and atmosphere, every seat at Brix 27 feels like a cozy corner for conversation. 
Located in the heart of Downtown Martinsburg, we offer a rotating wine list of over 45 wines that are dispensed in 1oz, 2.5oz and 5oz servings by our automated wine machines. In addition to wine, we have a variety of bubbles, ports, dessert wines, premium beers and spirits. 
The Brix 27 experience includes genuine hospitality, where the staff extends a warm welcome to newcomers and regulars alike. With seating availability for up to 140 people, our first floor curates an ambiance of social interaction and wine exploration. On the second floor we offer private dining space for parties, special events, and group experiences.
Brix 27

The interior is nice, cozy, yet modern. It's wide open, so it feels airy.

Brix 27The menu has all kinds of things perfect for sharing - charcuterie platter, deviled eggs, pulled pork sliders.

Brix 27But when I saw "Crab Mac & Cheese," I was sold: Artisan Cheese, Pancetta, Herbed Cracker Crumble.

Brix 27And for dessert, a little sample of dark chocolate flourless cake.

Downtown unwindAnd if you enjoy your wine with your dinner, you can purchase it from the boutique.

Downtown unwind

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Martinsburg Edition: The Peppermill

The PeppermillMartinsburg has a number of really charming restaurants, and The Peppermill is no exception. Set in an elegant home, this restaurant has fine dining on the first floor and more casual upstairs.

The PeppermillWhite tablecloths, lampshades, candles and accents made everything feel light and crisp. The lunch menu featured soups, salads, and sandwiches.

The PeppermillSomething I found really sweet is they bring a little stool for your purse!

The PeppermillFor my meal, I went with a cheeseburger: double patty, American cheese, smoked cheddar cheese, bacon spread, mustard greens and caramelized alliums. Plus a side of a fresh, citrusy salad. Wow.

The PeppermillHave you been?

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Martinsburg Edition: Latte Da Cupcakery

Latte da cupcakery

Latte Da Cupcakery is a specialty bakery in Martinsburg that serves up deliciously unique cupcakes.

Latte da cupcakery

Flavors like vanilla creme, red velvet, cookies & cream, and chocolate peanut butter are available daily. Plus, there are flavors of the month.

Latte da cupcakery

Which is your favorite?

Friday, May 25, 2018

Martinsburg Edition: Daily Grind

Daily Grind

One of the first stops in any new city is a coffee shop.

Daily GrindCoffee gives you that energy to explore and prep for the day.

Daily GrindMartinsburg's Daily Grind is located in a shopping area, so lots of parking.

Daily Grind

There's a ton of seating, so I can definitely see folks having a leisurely cuppa here.

Daily Grind

The coffee menu features tons of specialty espresso drinks.

Daily GrindAnd, they have breakfast items, too, like sandwiches. Plus salads and wraps for lunch.

Daily GrindAnd baked goods.

Daily GrindEven bagels!

Daily Grind

And, by evening, you can create your own six-pack with craft beer.

Daily Grind

But, I just got a quick drink to go.

Daily Grind

Creamy Caramel Signature Specialty Espresso - caramel, vanilla and whipped topping.

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