Charleston Edition: Vino's Bar and Grill

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM


One of my dear friends, Leah, was in town so I wanted to figure out a quick spot for happy hour, and Vino's came to mind.

VinosMostly because I had never been, and with its bright ed door facing Kanawha Boulevard and demanding a presence, I've always been curious.

VinosThe happy hour menu is super affordable, with house wine at $2.

VinosThere are a good bit of video games and TVs, so probably a good spot to watch any big game.

VinosThe happy hour menu had appetizers in addition to drinks - and Leah got some pork rinds, but I couldn't resist checking out the full thing.

VinosAnd wouldn't you know it - something called buffalo wontons were there.

VinosThats buffalo chicken dip all wrapped up in a wonton wrapper and side of bleu cheese dressing.


Have you been?

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