Monday, November 12, 2018

Parsons Edition: Piccolo Paula's Caffe

Piccolo Paulas

I recently made my first visit to Parsons to experience Pickin in Parsons.

Piccolo PaulasWhile there, I wanted to check out the local fare.

Piccolo PaulasPiccolo Paula's Caffe is a very cute cafe that has soups, sandwiches, salads -- and more!

Piccolo PaulasThe interior has lots of twinkly lights, local crafts and a fun mix of decor.

Piccolo PaulasThe special on this day was a crab bisque with garlic cheese ciabatta. Yes, please!

Piccolo PaulasWhen they said a large bowl, they weren't joking! But, it hit the spot on a rainy day! And I could've spent hours here just people-watching and relaxing.

Piccolo Paulas

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Charleston Edition: Tudor's Biscuit World - Yeager Airport

Yeager Airport - Tudor’s

My first time flying out of Charleston had me a bit on edge. I've really only flown from large airports, so I was cautious.

Yeager Airport - Tudor’sBut my fears were put to ease when I saw a Tudor's Biscuit World IN THE AIRPORT. I'm sure not too many places can claim that.

Yeager Airport - Tudor’sAnd since I've tried most of the Tudor's in the Charleston area at this point, the airport was no exception.

Yeager Airport - Tudor’sAnd, I'll tell you what. This may be the fluffiest biscuit I've had yet. I'm looking forward to my next trip - if for no other reason than I will be sure to stop here as part of tradition now.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

South Charleston Edition: Cafe Appalachia

Cafe Appalachia

Cafe Appalachia is a new restaurant -- and concept -- in South Charleston.

Cafe Appalachia
The restaurant is pay-what-you-can, and it helps folks who have been dealt a rough hand get back on their feet.

Cafe AppalachiaFrom their Facebook: "A pay what you can, farm to table, lunch buffet and coffee house that serves the general public and provides job training for a hand up and not a hand out."

Cafe Appalachia

The restaurant has a set buffet menu each day, and you can choose large or small portions.

Cafe Appalachia
On the day I went, they had pasta - with or without meat sauce - so I went without because it was a delicious garlic basil sauce.

Cafe AppalachiaThe sides were salad, bread and rice pudding for dessert. This was a large size to-go.

Cafe AppalachiaHave you been yet?

Friday, November 9, 2018

Davis Edition: Sawmill Restaurant

The Sawmill

The Sawmill Restaurant is one I've passed in Davis for many years.

The Sawmill

This homey restaurant also has rooms and cottages to rent overnight.

The SawmillOnce I made my way through the front door, and up the stairs, I knew I was in the right place when I smelled the bacon sizzling.

The SawmillThe menu has many classic breakfast dishes, but the bowl caught my eye.

The SawmillIt is a bed of home fries, eggs, gravy, cheese and biscuit. For someone indecisive, this pretty much gave me everything. So it was perfect.

The SawmillWhat's your favorite dish here?

The Sawmill

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Davis Edition: Muttley's Downtown


There's just something fun about an old-school, classic steakhouse.

MuttleysMuttley's in Davis is just that.

MuttleysThe menu highlights those steaks and even does a special on Thursdays.

MuttleysThis is one of those places where folks come on every special occasion, as it was clear the folks knew the customers well. That was sweet.

MuttleysI started with some of the fresh bread.

MuttleysAnd a small house salad with this delicious garlicky dressing.

MuttleysThen, the black peppercorn filet. This is two 4 oz. tenderloins over a light blue cheese and Worcestershire mix.

MuttleysAnd, when blackberry cobbler is on the menu, it's tough to pass up!


A la mode is the only way!


What's your favorite dish?

Muttley's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Davis Edition: The Smokehouse at Blackwater Falls State Park

Blackwater FallsDespite having been to Blackwater Falls a few times, I never really took advantage of all the different parts.

Blackwater FallsFor example, I finally saw Elakala Falls, Lindy Point and Pendleton Point! And, I got a quick breakfast at the restaurant: The Smokehouse at Blackwater Falls.

Blackwater FallsFrench toast, home fries and sausage - a breakfast fit for a king! Or queen!

Blackwater FallsHave you been here before?

Blackwater Falls

Lindy Point

Blackwater Falls

Pendleton Point

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Charleston Edition: Peace, Love & Little Donuts

Peace love & little doughnutsMorgantown has a Peace, Love & Little Donuts, so I am familiar with the concept.

Peace love & little doughnutsEssentially, these mini donuts are covered with all kinds of amazing toppings.

Peace love & little doughnutsAnd Charleston just got its location recently.

Peace love & little doughnutsRestaurant openings are like my favorite occassions, so I went on the first day. And it was very busy!

Peace love & little doughnutsAll of the donuts look amazing, but I went with six:

  • butterfinger
  • magically delicious
  • pb&j
  • snick jagger
  • peanut nutter
  • elvis

Peace love & little doughnutsMy favorite is the Snick Jagger - it's like a Snickers bar!

Peace love & little doughnutsWhich is your favorite?

Monday, November 5, 2018

The Pepperoni Roll Gift Guide

The holidays are just around the corner, and everyone is thinking of what to get for loved ones.

Well, for those pepperoni roll-lovers in your life, I have you covered. Here are some ideas for what to get your favorite West Virginian - whether they just love these delicious snacks or are an ex-pat who misses them.

Book cover1. The West Virginia Pepperoni Roll book
It's full of fun pepperoni roll history, recipes, fun facts and more for the person who wants to learn about the West Virginia unofficial state food. You can purchase it at many local book stores, from WVU Press, online at Amazon, or shoot me an email at if you would like to get one from me where I can sign & personalize it for you.

Screen Shot 2018-10-27 at 8.00.20 AM2. Pepperoni Rolls
You can ship pepperoni rolls right to someone's house! How great would a book and pack of pepperoni rolls be? Many bakeries do this, but the original is Country Club.

18813552_1351693731552874_2080264388348503442_n3. Pepe the Pepperoni Roll
These plush pepperoni rolls go with me to every pepperoni roll event - and for good reason! People love them and inevitably want to purchase my personal ones. But you can get your very own (and even larger versions!) from World of Whisker Beans.

liz4. Pepperoni Roll Pin
The pepperoni roll pin is just one of many amazing food pins that Liz Pavlovic makes. This is perfect for a small, budget-friendly gift or one that can be added to a whole package. Plus, you can get this design on bags, shirts, books, notepads, and more!

5. Pepperoni Rolls Shirt
There are a few shirts I'll share with you, but this one from Parties & Peonies is straight to the point for those who love West Virginia and pepperoni rolls! 

fgdgd_1080x6. Peaks & Pepperoni Rolls Shirt
This may be the softest shirt I own, and you can also get it in sticker form from Wild Wonderful Lifestyle Company.


7. Pepperoni Roll Necklace
This is one of my newest purchases! If you love these snacks as much as I do, you can wear them around your neck! You can also get this design on a cutting board from The Captain's Pineapple.

pep_800x8. Pepperoni Roll Sticker
Loving WV makes these stickers that prove how important the pepperoni roll is to you. You can get it on a shirt, hat and more.


9. Roll on Thru
This T-shirt is an awesome creation from Kayleigh Phillips and perfect for the trendsetter. Get it at Kinship Goods.

What other pepperoni roll finds are your favorites?