2019 Taste of Parkersburg

By Candace Nelson - 5:31 PM

Taste of ParkersburgMy work buddies Alex and Sam - and their respective significant others - and I checked out Taste of Parkersburg this year.

Taste of ParkersburgThese events are always so much fun for me because you get to sample bites from all kinds of restaurants. It's even more fun in the Parkersburg area - because there are still so many restaurants on my to-try list from there.

Taste of ParkersburgTaste of Parkersburg works a little differently than some of the other dine-around events I've attended. You pay at the gate ($20), which gets you a wine or beer glass, a tray, and access to the music and food. Then, you also purchase taste tickets. One ticket is approximately one dollar, and they sell in sheets of $10 or $20.

Taste of ParkersburgI ended up with a sheet of $20. Most of the items I wanted were around $4, so I got 5 things total.

Taste of ParkersburgFirst up was Brunello Restaurant and Bar, which is newly in the Blennerhassett Hotel. I tried their short rib and polenta.

Taste of ParkersburgThen, I went for a teriyaki chicken burrito with a spicy sweet chili sauce from Philippines Best Food.

Taste of Parkersburg

Then, I discovered they had a secret menu item (one that wasn't listed in the pamphlet) - siopao. Siopao is a hot bun, which was filled with a sweet pork, and is like a steamed bun I've previously had elsewhere. It was my favorite thing of the evening.

Taste of ParkersburgAfter those, I braved some long lines.

Taste of ParkersburgBelair's Bistro and Catering had a few menu items that sounded delish to me, but I went with the jumbo lump crab cake with red pepper remoulade.

Taste of ParkersburgThis restaurant is located across the river in Belpre, but drew a big crowd - including me.

Taste of ParkersburgI would say it's worth it.

Taste of ParkersburgThe final tickets were used at Hot Dog Willy's - one of the Parkersburg restaurants I have yet to visit. I got a hot dog with chili and macaroni and cheese on top.

Taste of ParkersburgAfter this, I struggled to move.

Taste of ParkersburgBut I did manage to fit in one glass of Chestnut Ridge's peach chardonnay. Perfect way to end the evening.

Taste of Parkersburg

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