Point Pleasant Edition: Bikes, BBQ & Bluegrass + Dairy Queen

By Candace Nelson - 3:00 PM

Bikes bbq bluegrassI have a few tidbits left from a recent Point Pleasant trip that I wanted to wrap up. I went during the Bikes, BBQ and Bluegrass Festival - where there was music playing down by the river and a few BBQ tents and food vendors downtown.

Point Pleasant DQ
One of the coolest things I saw while down there was this mural of the Silver Bridge.

Point Pleasant DQAlso, I finally marked off "seeing a bunker" on my WV bucket list in the TNT Area.

Point Pleasant DQFinally, the local DQ has their own special spin on hot dogs. I got one with chili, slaw, mustard and onions. But the sauce is one of the more unique - and favorite - ones I've had. It's more tomato-based and kinda sweet. Almost reminiscent of a housemade ketchup. I loved it!

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