Wednesday, July 31, 2019

The Freefolk Brewery

Freefolk Brewery

The Freefolk Brewery is Fayetteville's newest craft beer destination.

Freefolk BreweryFree-spirited beer for free-spirited people. 
We at The Freefolk Brewery believe in the power of crafting things.
Wild things.
Free things.
Folk things. 
We believe that by crafting these things we can craft a culture. 
We believe in bringing folk together to share experiences, adventure, and friendship.
Craft Beer.
Craft Culture.
Craft Life.

Freefolk BreweryThe brewery has a number of craft beers on tap, which range from pale ales and blonde ales to IPAs and goses.

Freefolk BreweryI ordered a flight so I could try a few of their unique brews - Ubiquitous, Pretty Polly, Moon Dog, and Gorgeous 876.

Freefolk BreweryHere's what I went with - a bevy of light beers!

Freefolk BreweryWhile I waited, I took a look around at the incredible art.

Freefolk BreweryThis space is truly phenomenal, with colorful art decorating the walls, as well as metal work outside.

Freefolk BreweryMy beer came out, and I sampled each. I was a fan of each and every one of them.

Freefolk BreweryAnd, I needed some nourishment so I went with nachos topped with shrimp.

Freefolk BreweryLook at that beauty! Some smokey and creamy and crunchy. One of my favorite snacks.

Freefolk BreweryHave you been?

Huntington Edition: Kustom Kreams

Kustom Kreams

I've been to Kustom Kreams previously, but since they moved, I thought it was the perfect time to revisit.

Kustom Kreams
This is a large space that has ample dining area. When I was there, there were quiet a few folks enjoying their ice cream inside.

Kustom KreamsAfter looking over the menu board, I decided on "Turtle Brownie" ice cream.

Kustom KreamsThey took a brownie, chopped it up, layered in caramel, topped with nuts and ice cream!

Kustom KreamsWhat's your favorite flavors here?

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Snowshoe's Blues, Brews & BBQ

Snowshoe blues brews bbq

I try to make the rounds to every beer festival in West Virginia at least once.

Snowshoe blues brews bbqAnd Snowshoe's Blues, Brews & BBQ has eluded me for years.

Snowshoe blues brews bbqThat is, until this weekend!

Snowshoe blues brews bbqI made it with my friend Maggie on the last day to check out the BBQ vendors and craft beer.

Snowshoe blues brews bbqThere were tons of vendors spread throughout, offering a good bit of local and not-so-local options.

Snowshoe blues brews bbqHave you been?

Huntington Edition: Pho U & Mi

Pho U & Me

In Huntington, there's a pho war of sorts.

Pho U & MeAnd by that, I mean there are two pho restaurants right across the street from one another.

Pho U & MeAnd recently I visited them both.

Pho U & MeFirst, I went to Pho Noodle House, and then I went to Pho U & Mi.

Pho U & MeThe latter is the more recent restaurant, I gather.

Pho U & MeI started with an order of crab rangoons (because of course), and then for my entree I tried banh mi: bbq pork.

Pho U & MeBanh mi was sounding more exciting to me on this day than pho. But I do enjoy both! Which one of these restaurants do you favor?

Monday, July 29, 2019

The Strawberry Lady

Strawberry Lady

Have you heard of The Strawberry Lady? She's known in the area for bringing fresh strawberries from Florida. And this past Valentine's Day, my valentine sent me a dozen chocolate-covered strawberries from Rock City Cake Company - made with strawberry lady strawberries!

Strawberry Lady

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Charleston Edition: East End Pub

East End Pub

The East End Pub is a new restaurant on the far end of the East End, and I recently took a quick lunch break to check it out.

East End Pub
Enjoy tasty pub favorites including our signature East End Eggrolls, burgers, sandwiches, apps, and American pub craft beer!
East End PubThe first thing I noticed was their branded "East End Eggrolls."

East End Pub


Each order comes with two rolls & your choice of dipping sauce!

Reuben Rolls
Buffalo Chicken Rolls
Pepperoni & Cheese Rolls
BBQ pulled Pork Rolls
Mac & Cheese w/ Bacon Rolls

Dippers: Ranch, Bleu Cheese, Thousand Island, BBQ, Buffalo or Marinara

East End Pub
Between Dawn and I, we tried three different kinds of eggrolls: Buffalo chicken, pepperoni & cheese, and mac & cheese with bacon.

East End PubPlus blue cheese, marinara and ranch dipping sauces respectively.

East End PubWhat's your favorite item?

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Charleston Edition: Park N Perk Coffee Truck

Park & Perk

Have you seen the coffee truck around town?

Park & PerkPark N Perk Coffee Truck is a new mobile coffee shop that also serves up some pastries and other items. 

Park & PerkI found them near the BBT downtown and looked over the menu.

Park & PerkThe daily special was a white chocolate mocha, so I went with that.

Park & PerkAnd - they had blueberry, banana and chocolate muffins, and more!

Park & PerkHave you been here?

Park & Perk

Friday, July 26, 2019

Barboursville Edition: Rolled 304

Rolled 304

The Metro Valley is home to three different rolled ice cream shops: Kustom Kreme, Scrapers and now Rolled 304.

Rolled 304Located in the Barboursville Mall, Rolled 304 is in the previous yogurt space and offer a number of specialty ice creams, as well as add-ins.

Rolled 304Clearly, I went with s'mores - marshmallow, Hershey's and graham cracker.

Rolled 304It's a bit of a process as they mix everything together, then spread it out thin enough before scraping it up into rolled pieces of ice cream.

Rolled 304It's a novelty - but also tasty.

Rolled 304Have you been?