Huntington Greek Festival - St. George Greek Orthodox Church

By Candace Nelson - 6:00 PM

Huntington Greek Festival

The Huntington Greek Festival is a long-running festival that celebrates Greek culture.

Huntington Greek FestivalThere's a lot going on at this festival.

Huntington Greek FestivalOutside on the church grounds, there are vendors, food vendors, music, dancing and more.

Huntington Greek FestivalIn the basement of the church, they serve dinner.

Huntington Greek FestivalSo I got a little of everything: pastichio (baked casserole of ground beef, macaroni and bechamel), moussaka (casserole with eggplant, ground beef, potatoes and bechamel), spanakopita (spinach and cheese in phyllo), dolmades (grape leaves with rice and meat), and Greek-style potatoes.

Huntington Greek FestivalPlus, I got some baklava cheesecake, too.

Huntington Greek FestivalThen, outside, they also have a pastry counter.

Huntington Greek FestivalThey have a variety box, but were sold out. So I made my own variety box with two of everything they had left.

Huntington Greek FestivalThat included two baklava, two fenikia, two flogeres, two katafi, 1 kok, and two pecan blossoms (which ended up being my favorites)

Huntington Greek FestivalWhat's your favorite?

Huntington Greek Festival

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