Ansted Edition: Tudor's Biscuit World

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Tudors - Ansted

Ansted's Tudor's Biscuit World is a tricky, tricky location. I tried to knock them off my list months ago, but they were closed - not sure if it was COVID-19 related or not. But, when I went to check them out most recently, they were open thankfully. 

Tudors - Ansted

So, as I take a leave of absence from biscuits, I looked over the lunch menu to see what piqued my interest. And, I see Tudor's version of a chicken strip basket. I've had this before, so I know it's bangin. But let's see how this location does.

Tudors - Ansted

And it was delish. Maybe a tad on the itty bitty side, but still fried goodness that hit that comfort food spot.

Grade: B

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