Charleston Edition: Food Shack

By Candace Nelson - 4:38 PM

Food Shack

I'm catching up on some blog writing, and I wanted to make sure I recognized the Food Shack. This Kanawha County food truck is an operation from the Underprivileged Children Foundation to bring food to children in need. 

Food Shack

SHACK, which stands for Stop Hunger Among Community Kids, participated in a Food Truck Friday this summer at the Ronald McDonald House so I went to check it out. I believe their truck has had some damage from an accident since this visit, but they're continuing to carry out their mission in other ways. 

Food Shack

So, while I believe their main stops are in areas where children are in need, they also joined other food trucks to raise money on this particular day. And, it was cool to get to check it out. It appears their chili is donated from the Custard Stand and the meat was donated from BowlesBoyz BBQ - and the price of each of their offerings showcased how many meals could be purchased with our order.

Food Shack

I went with their nachos, which had pulled pork, jalapenos, cheese and sour cream. Nachos are good - no matter what time of year. And when there's local BBQ, it makes them that much better! I can't say anything bad about a big pile of nachos, all going to a good cause, and seeing my buddy Jim Strawn in the process! 

Grade: A

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