Parkersburg Edition: The Omelet Shoppe

By Candace Nelson - 4:10 PM

Omelet Shoppe - Parkersburg

West Virginia's version of a 24-hour diner is The Omelet Shoppe, which has locations in Virginia, Beckley, Parkersburg and, at one point, Princeton. Parkersburg was the only West Virginia located I hadn't yet been to, so while driving through the area in search of breakfast, I found myself here.

Omelet Shoppe - Parkersburg

I placed an order online (who knew they had that capability?!) for bologna cheese bagel. Typically, I'd stroll in, find an uncomfortable seat amongst the rest of the late-nighters turned to early-morningers. 

Omelet Shoppe - Parkersburg

There's certainly a vibe to the place, but on this occasion, I actually had to stand outside in the breezeway before being greeted due to occupancy limits. They already assumed I was the online to-go order and handed me my bag. I'm glad I remembered the drink because that was almost forgotten. 

Omelet Shoppe - Parkersburg

Once I had my food, I got back in my car and continued on my journey. At this moment, let's reflect on The Omelet Shoppe. It serves a crucial role in the landscape of restaurants. It's not high-end, and it's not trying to be. It is quick, easy diner food that you can likely make at home. But it's cheap and often the perfect place after a long night out, shift workers, truck drivers and others looking for a warm meal in a no-frills joint. 

Omelet Shoppe - Parkersburg

The bagel sandwich was perfect for a one-handed breakfast. I added both cheddar and swiss and mayo to give me all those comforting flavors. Side note: I am sad McDonald's no longer has bagel sandwiches. They're like a guilty pleasure. This bagel sandwich hit the spot, though. Points off for it being lopsided, making it more difficult to eat and the bagels on the dry side. Overall, though, simple, quick and tasty.

Omelet Shoppe - Parkersburg

Grade: B

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  1. It’s actually a much bigger chain based out of Birmingham, Alabama.


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