Ripley Edition: Gino's Pizza & Spaghetti House

By Candace Nelson - 7:21 PM

Ginos - Ripley

The Gino's location in Ripley looks a little different than most others - it more closely assembles a house with the siding and windows on top.

Ginos - Ripley

I placed an order for a calzone online and waited for a few minutes inside to pick up my order.  The interior, too, is fairly large with spaced out tables and chairs. And tons of wood - floors, paneling, tables - that make it feel warm and cozy inside.

Ginos - Ripley

The calzone at Gino's is one of my favorite options, but at this location, it unfortunately got a little soggy at the bottom. Whether that's because all the sauce was placed in one area or there was simply too much, the marinara sauce did not do this calzone any favors. The dough that still retained its shape was delish, though, and topped with some parmesan.

Grade: B

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