Oak Hill Edition: Lakeside Eatery at the Lost Paddle in ACE Adventure Resort

By Candace Nelson - 9:00 PM

Lakeside Eatery at ACE

ACE Adventure Resort
is a very popular spot in Oak Hill where people visit to go whitewater rafting, ziplining or play on the inflatables in the water park. Me? Of course one of my main goals when visiting was to see the food options.

Lakeside Eatery at ACE

Lakeside Eatery at the Lost Paddle serves both breakfast and dinner. The dinner menu has a few of my favorite dishes - like shrimp & grits, mac & cheese, chicken & waffles. Maybe I just like meals that have an ampersand in the middle?

Lakeside Eatery at ACE

I went with the lobster mac & cheese, which had spinach, roasted red pepper, smoked gouda and cavatappi pasta. I think it would be tough to ruin this dish - creamy and rich and just super comforting. I would not have hated some sort of crunchy component for texture here. But, all around still a tasty dish.

Lakeside Eatery at ACE

Oh, and they also have a slushy stand - perfect for summer.

Lakeside Eatery at ACE

Grade: A

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