Modern Mountain Measurers 2022 at 1010 Bridge

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Modern Mountain Measures

I had a delicious meal at 1010 on Sunday, which was part of an event called Modern Mountain Measures. The event is a fundraiser for the Junior League of Charleston, and the recipes are modern interpretations of the Junior League cookbooks from Chef Paul Smith. These cookbooks used to be the league's fundraiser back in the day, and it's so cool to see Chef Paul Smith put a modern, creative spin on the recipes.

Modern Mountain Measures


Winter Sangria


Pickled Shrimp

Inspired by: Pickled Shrimp, Mountain Measures, page 29, submitted by Mrs. Soul Snyder

Cheese-Stuffed Mushrooms

Inspired by: Cheese-Stuffed Mushrooms, Mountain Measures, page 18, submitted by Mrs. Marsha Pushkin

Bacon-Wrapped Dates, House-Made Cheese, Pomegranate-Balsamic Glaze

Inspired by: Bacon Roll Ups, A Second Serving, page 12, submitted by Jean G. Campe

Modern Mountain Measures


Caesar Salad, Baby Romaine, Charred Tomatoes, Garlic Croutons

Inspired by: Caesar Salad Dressing, Mountain Measures, page 73, submitted by Mrs. Craig M. Wilson

Modern Mountain Measures


Braciola, Burgundy Sauce, Potato Souffle, Roasted Fall Vegetables

Inspired by: Braciola, A Second Serving, page 87, submitted by Don Piper

Modern Mountain Measures


Shaker Lemon Pie

Inspired by: Shaker Lemon Pie, Mountain Measures, page 315, submitted by Mrs. Ronald A. McKenney

Modern Mountain Measures

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