Restaurant Redemption

For the past few years, I have posted a ton of restaurant reviews. Some good, some bad, many indifferent. When my blog began to pick up some momentum, some restaurants that I've graded low, or maybe not so low, have contacted me in various ways. Some are angry, and some want to know how they can improve my experience.

Restaurant Redemption is a small series I've created that will allow me to give those restaurants who are keeping up with their social media (notably, my blog) and have made an attempt to rectify a poor or mediocre dining experience. For the restaurants that have contacted me, I'm giving it another dining go. For the most part, I will try a different dish and make note of the previous observations about the experience as a whole.

Bartini (Original)
Gino's Pizza & Spaghetti (Original)
Richwood Grill (Original)
Tudor's Biscuit World (Original)
Terra Cafe (Original)
Ichiban (Original)
Moxxee Coffee (Original)

Future Redemptions:
Big Whiskey Saloon & Dancehall (Original)
Cafe Bacchus (Original)
Chillberry (Original)
Thelma Fay's Cafe (Original) 
Whippoorwill Bar & Grill (Original)

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