Friday, January 18, 2019

Clarksburg Edition: Ritzy Lunch

Ritzy Lunch

Ritzy Lunch is a small lunch spot known for its hot dogs in Clarksburg.

Ritzy LunchThe menu features pepperoni rolls, sandwiches and breakfast items, too.

Ritzy LunchI wanted to try their hot dogs, so I got one with chili, slaw, mustard and onions.

Ritzy LunchI gotta say, that's a pretty decent hot dog.

Ritzy Lunch

The slaw had bits of carrot so it gave a pop of color, and it was flavorful. Definitely solid.

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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Clarksburg Edition: Oliverio's Cash & Carry

Oliverio’s cash & carry

Oliverio's is a hometown shop that sells a variety of goods: snacks, pepperoni rolls, Oliverio style peppers, etc.

Oliverio’s cash & carry

D'Annunzio's is not a bread you can find everywhere, so it's excited to see it on shelves in this neck of the woods.

Oliverio’s cash & carry

The peppers are the mainstay here. They were born from this shop into a full-blown business that can be found in most Italian kitchens in the state.

Oliverio’s cash & carry

They come in all different styles and are the perfect complement to pastas, sandwiches, pepperoni rolls and more. Which is your favorite?

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Fairmont Edition: 8th Street Confectionery

8th street confectionery

Fairmont is home to a lot of small, old-school restaurants that serve simple entrees and, of course, pepperoni rolls.

8th street confectioneryI'll admit, though, when I heard "confectionery" in the name, I was thinking I might be in for some sweets.

8th street confectioneryRather, the space is filled with a long counter and a line of booths with patrons digging into piles of spaghetti and hoagies.

8th street confectioneryI saw "pepperoni buns" on the menu and knew I had to try it.

8th street confectioneryI got the sauce, peppers and cheese atop mine.

8th street confectioneryIt may be heartburn city, but man was it good! It really takes a pepperoni roll to the next level. Mmmm.

8th street confectionery

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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Morgantown Edition: Almost Heaven Bar & Grill

Almost Heaven

Downtown Morgantown is home to a new restaurant named "Almost Heaven."

Almost HeavenAs soon as I heard the name, I knew I had to check it out.

Almost HeavenIt's in a large space on High Street that has seen a number of different restaurants and bars over the years.

Almost HeavenWe were seated in a little nook area, and it was neat to have a sort of private spot for our small group.

Almost Heaven
The menu said that the space is made from local materials, and they source local foods for the menu, too.

Almost HeavenBut, first, we had a drink, and I had to try this pawpaw inspired drink - coconut rum, midori, banana liqueur, OJ and sours mix.

Almost HeavenIt was tasty!

Almost HeavenIf you like bananas or pawpaws, it's a good one to try.

Almost HeavenFor my meal, I simply went for nachos (I'm on a kick lately!)

Almost Heaven
But take a look at this "hundred dollar burger." Whoa. Nachos with pulled pork, jalapenos, and cheese were fabulous, though!

Almost Heaven

Monday, January 14, 2019

Morgantown Edition: Smokin' Jack's

Smokin Jacks

Smokin' Jacks has taken over the former Schmitt's Saloon location.

Smokin JacksSmokin' Jacks has been a Preston County staple for some time, and they've just recently begun moving into the Morgantown area - with sister restaurant Smokin' Jills and their initial location back in Sabraton.

Smokin JacksThe building here is nice - large, rustic and ample parking. It looks just like the previous restaurant.

Smokin JacksWhich made me hope the pepperoni rolls were the same, too, because I really liked them. And they're pretty close! They're fried with cheese and sauce. The ultimate guilty pleasure.

Smokin JacksFor my entree, I went with wings, which seems to be one of their specialties.

Smokin JacksThese boneless honey bbq wings were pretty tasty. What's your favorite item here?

Smokin Jacks