Friday, May 30, 2014

Atomic Grill event "shows some more skin"

Atomic grill - show some skinAtomic Grill is a badass - complete with punk-rock attitude, tatted servers and local food. After a few visits, I can confidently call them on of my favorite restaurants in town. And their response to a misogynistic online review has captured my heart.

Atomic grill - show some skinAtomic grill - show some skin

When someone commented on Urbanspoon that the waitresses should "show some more skin," the owner had a creative response by developing an event showing skin - potato skins, that is - and donating 100 percent of the proceeds to the West Virginia Foundation for Rape Information Services.

Atomic grill - show some skinThis story went viral - AP, People Magazine, ABC, WDTV, WV Public Broadcasting, WBOY, Slate Magazine, NY Daily News

Atomic grill - show some skinIt's a scary thing that women are constantly seen as objects. Women can't do their jobs without being looked at as a sexual conquest. Or walk down the street. Or go to the store. Or go to a bar. These waitresses are not there for you to ogle. They're doing their jobs. And the scariest part is that people will say "oh, that's not so bad" or "why are you making a big deal" or "at least it's a compliment." That's what is wrong with our culture. That women are taught we need to protect ourselves, when, in reality, men should be taught to not harm. If you haven't had a chance to check out #YesAllWomen in response to the rampage in California on Twitter, please do so. All women have to be careful, at all times. And while, no, not all men harm - how can you know who will and who won't? And this has become OK in our cultural. I hope this is the catalyst for change. I could go on about this for days, but many others have said it way better than I ever could.

Atomic grill - show some skinJust know this - my girlfriends know what it's like to have to carry your car keys in your hands at night to use as protection. They know not to go anywhere at night alone. They know to steer clear of stairwells in parking garages. We know. The men in my life don't have to deal with this kind of fear, and they may not get it. But I hope they begin to understand - even if only a little - that they're needed to combat this. The men have to be on board to stop this accepting culture.

Kudos to Daniel McCawley for taking a stand.

And thank you for serving the best potato skins I've ever had.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Morgantown Edition: Kassar's Food and Gifts

Kassar FoodsKassar FoodsI visited Kassar Food and Gifts a while ago but never had a chance to eat there. Vicki and I returned recently to try their take on Middle Eastern food and for girl talk, of course.

I mentioned previously about how Kassar's is a shop with produce, trinkets and more - but it also has a small restaurant.

Kassar FoodsKassar Foods

Kassar FoodsI ordered the lamb kabob, which comes with two sides - I went for the hummus and stuffed grape leaves. You order at the cash register and proceed to the right and back, where there is The Shai House - a place to eat your meal. We headed back that way while we waited for our food to arrive.

The interior was cool - a little shabby, but comforting at the same time. Linens draped the ceiling, and lots of gold and red hues decorated the room. A few tables were floor-level, and along the right wall is a long bench with tables.

At the tables are some spices and condiments. It took a little bit for our food to arrive. Vicki ordered a gyro and a salad plate, which she liked, but it wasn't her favorite.

Kassar FoodsMy kabob was OK. A little chewy - but decent flavoring. The rice was a little on the cooler side, and the grape leaves were solid. The hummus, though, was really quite good. Great flavor and spice - not bland, like many I try. It was tasty.

If I want Middle Eastern food, I'll probably stick to Ali Baba's, but this was a nice change of pace.

Grade: B
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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Morgantown Edition: The Whippoorwill Bar and Grill

Whippoorwill Bar & GrillI'm not sure if there are better ways to spend warm, sunny days than drinking an alcoholic beverage of choice (for those who are of age, of course) on a dock. Whippoorwill Bar & Grill is located at the Edgewater Marina with lots of boats and boat-loving folks milling about. It has a pretty small menu consisting of a burger, hoagie, grilled cheese, hotdogs and chicken tenders. Not super exciting.

Whippoorwill Bar & GrillWhippoorwill Bar & Grill

Whippoorwill Bar & GrillI ordered two hotdogs with chili, onions and mustard (they don't serve slaw). And a strawberry daiquiri.

Whippoorwill Bar & GrillLet me talk about the drink first. While not really strong, it was definitely tasty, and the bartender blended a good bit, so what didn't fit in my glass, she gave to us in an extra cup. Essentially two whole cups filled for the price of one. That was fun.

The hotdogs were OK, at best. The bun was kind of soggy, the chili and dog were cold, and both had entirely too much mustard on them, which just got everywhere.

The truth is, though, the environment is really what sets this place apart. On a nice day, it's beautiful, relaxing, and you can get a decent drink. If you're looking for food, it may be OK for a quick snack, but I don't know if I'd really order food again. My friend Greer ordered chicken tenders and wasn't too keen on them, either.

Whippoorwill Bar & GrillBut, if a nice view and drink are more important to you, by all means.

Grade: B
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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Jasper, IN Edition: Schnitzelbank Restaurant

Schnitzelbank RestaurantSchnitzelbank Restaurant

LAST INDIANA RESTAURANT - The Shnitz. Schnitzelbank, to be exact, which is a German restaurant in Jasper.

As soon as we walked in, there was a little shop full of trinkets and whatnot. We then seated ourselves in the dining room. I heard nothing but good things about the salad bar, so I knew I was ordering that - it's dubbed "best in the midwest," according to their menu. And for my main course, I went with the German Sampler Platter with wiener schnitzel, bratwurst and knackwurst. AND that came with two sides: I got german potatoes and cabbage.

Schnitzelbank RestaurantSchnitzelbank Restaurant

Schnitzelbank RestaurantSchnitzelbank Restaurant

The salad bar was pretty great. Lots of fresh veggies, plus prepared salads. I particularly like a sort of cornbread salad they had. Super good. Plus a broccoli salad and a huge cheese wheel? Love.

Schnitzelbank RestaurantSchnitzelbank Restaurant

Schnitzelbank RestaurantFor my sampler - German potatoes are just fried potatoes, and those were tasty. Cabbage was a little sour tasting, but not bad. And the meat was pretty good. Knackwurst has a garlic flavor, and bratwurst has an onion flavor. Both were solid. And the wiener schnitzel was decent, too.

My main gripe is that it was just SO expensive. I think I paid around $40 leaving there. Granted, it was a ton of food, but it was still pretty expensive.

Grade: B
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Schnitzelbank Restaurant

Monday, May 26, 2014

Huntingburg IN Edition: The Gaslight Pizza & Grill

Gaslight Pizza
Gaslight PizzaAnother favorite restaurant of Kayla's is The Gaslight Restaurant - pizzas, particularly.

The cool thing about their pizzas is that you can get them half and half. Just not on the 6 inch. So I bumped it up to a 9 inch (which has 8 pieces).

I went with half stromboli (since it's their most popular sandwich) and half Johnny Dart pizza because it was the recommended on nearly all the sites I look at.

The stromboli side had diced onions, mild banana peppers and sausage. That side was just overwhelmed with sausage. Like, too much sausage. All I could taste was sausage.

The Johnny Dart side was amazing, though. It is based on their sandwich - corn beef, swiss, pepper jack cheese, with their special sauce - which is like a French dressing. It says it is really spicy, and I was hesitant, so I think the kitchen toned it down a bit for me. It was pretty good. I know it sounds odd, but it was really, really good - thick and hearty with a bit of tang.

Gaslight Pizza

Grade: B
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Sunday, May 25, 2014

West Baden, IN Edition: Cafe at Sinclair's

Cafe at SinclairsWhen Kayla told me we were going to see one of the largest domes in the world, I thought OK - we're going to drive past a cool building. Wrong.

Cafe Sinclair's

The West Baden Dome is the 11th largest dome in the world. It's a luxury hotel with a restaurant, lots of little shops and a beautiful garden area.

Cafe Sinclair'sCafe Sinclair's

Cafe Sinclair'sTheir restaurant is called Sinclair's, but for lunch - it's just Cafe at Sinclair's. We went for lunch to avoid the costly dinner options. And really, we only wanted dessert anyway. So they sat us to the right and brought out this adorable mini banana nut bread loaf with those fancy little butters. Tasty.

Cafe Sinclair'sWhile a few of the desserts look really interesting, I went for their signature chocolate dome. It had a hard dark chocolate coating with a layer of chocolate cake inside with ganache.

Cafe Sinclair'sIt was OK. I am not crazy about dark chocolate, so that's my bad. The ganache inside was pretty tasty. I was a little envious of all the fresh fruit Kayla had on her creme brulee.

Grade: B
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Saturday, May 24, 2014

French Lick, IN Edition: 33 Brick Street

33 Brick Street

Larry Byrd is from French Lick, Ind., and a local sportsbar is dedicated to him, showcasing trophies and other memorabilia of his around the restaurant.

33 Brick Street33 Brick Street

So, we went to 33 Brick Street. It was time I tried the famous pork tenderloin sandwich. This is Indiana's "thing," and I couldn't leave before trying it.

33 Brick StreetFirst, Kayla got some fried pickles. Not my favorite thing, so I won't judge.

My sandwich, though, I was quite pleased with. The pork tenderloin spills out beyond the kaiser roll.

It had pickles, I think, and was tasty. Huge and hot and breaded and pan-fried. Comfort with a side of creamy mac & cheese. Yes.

33 Brick StreetGrade: A
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Friday, May 23, 2014

Corydon, IN Edition: Point Blank Brewery

Point Blank Brewing CompanyPoint Blank Brewing CompanyThis local brewery had me pretty excited - if there's one thing that makes me more excited than new restaurants, it's a new brewery. Point Blank Brewery didn't quite make the point.

I went for a calzone with mushroom, garlic, artichoke, and spinach. The actual flavor was pretty good, and there was a good bit of cheese. BUT it tasted as though it was literally dropped in the fire - ashy at points. Not just smokey and woodburnt - like I legitimately inspected it to see if I could see char on it. There were black marks - as long as I kept away from those, it was good.

Point Blank Brewing CompanyGrade: B
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