Coffee Roasters in West Virginia

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Coffee roasters

West Virginia is home to a number of local coffee roasters. I'm trying to make a comprehensive list so I can slowly collect each and try coffee from all of them! Let me know who's missing in the comments.

Coffee roasters

Aroma of the Andes (and chocolate covered espresso beans)

Black Dog Coffee Company

Causa Prima

Cherry River Roasting Company

The Chocolate Moose

Coal River Coffee


Greenbrier Valley Coffee Company

Hill Tree Roastery

Ignition Coffee Roasters

Lost Dog Coffee

Mountain Roaster

Mountaineer Roasting

The Old Village Roaster

Ridge Roasters

Sibling Coffee Roasters

Stomp-N-Grounds Craft Coffees

Stone Tower Joe

Quantum Bean Coffee

Wheeling Coffee & Spice Co.

Coffee roasters

Coffee roasters

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