Kuya Union Coffee

By Candace Nelson - 11:12 PM

Kuya Union Coffee is a new coffee roaster based in the mid-Ohio Valley. From their social profiles:

"Kuya Union Coffee sources it's premium beans from around the world. Our bags of ORGANIC COFFEE is one bean source and not a blend so providing maximum flavor. The beans are roasted right before we bag and shipped to you immediately in order to give you ultimate freshness. This is not stale, blended coffee that has been sitting on a store shelf for several weeks. Each cup of coffee is a fresh and flavorful event of your day."

"Be the Dragon of your own story. What’s the Dream? Kuya means eldest brother in the Tagalog language. (Filipino). A title that is bestowed to those to lead by example and look out for the younger ones and commit to helping take care of the elders.

Fighting suicide and mental illness begins with caring enough to recognize when a brother or sister may need someone to talk to who genuinely cares. What a great thing to do over a cup of awesome coffee with your favorite cigar."

"In the Filipino language (Tagalog), Kuya is a way to address an older or eldest brother or even an older male relative. “Hi Kuya Joe, how are you today?” Often times the title comes with a feeling of responsibility of not only looking out for those younger than you but also serving and respecting your elders.

One of the hopes of KUYA Union Coffee is to inspire and encourage leaders to work together in improving the well being of those around them. Whether it’s bringing hope to someone who is feeling lost or helping another go after their dream.

Coffee not only gives you the energy to start a new day but it also can be the reason for people to get together and share what’s going on in their lives."

Before Kuya Union Coffee, the brand was "Dragonetti Coffee," which donated a portion of its proceeds to suicide prevention.

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