Bridgeport Edition: Pizza Place

By Candace Nelson - 7:19 PM

The pizza Place

The Pizza Place is a delicious Parkersburg-area pizza joint that has spread a bit outside its region - like to Bridgeport. They serve up their Neopolitan and Sicilian-style pizza at the mall.

The pizza Place

The Neopolitan is a more traditional New York slice, whereas the Sicilian is a thick crust. I actually really enjoy them both - they're two different things to me. But, I do feel like I can get New York style just about anywhere, but very few places have the thicker Sicilian style. So, I ordered two of those pieces.

The pizza Place

The crust is thick, but crunchy, so it creates a solid base for that puffy layer of cheese and turned-up little pepperonis cooked to a crisp. I'm sure there are some minute differences between the locations, but to me, it tastes as good as any other.

The pizza Place

Grade: A

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