Columbus, OH Edition: Fusian

By Candace Nelson - 5:22 PM


Fusian is an Ohio-based sushi shop that aims to be simple, fresh and affordable.

"Their vision was to challenge the American perception of sushi and create a place for everyone to enjoy the benefits of Asian-American cuisine ... we make sushi accessible. Sushi doesn’t have to be raw fish and seaweed. At FUSIAN, we aim to educate our customers that sushi starts with rice. From there, anything is possible," according to their website.


The weirdest sushi roll that I found on the menu was: PB+J - soy wrap, white rice, peanut butter + grape jelly. I definitely tasted the peanut butter here, and I can't say that I was wild about it. I almost think if there was more of the jelly to get that whole combination, it may have been better.


For a more traditional role, I also ordered the Crispy Shrimp - inside-out roll w/ tempura shrimp, avocado, cucumber, spicy mayo, sweet soy, + tempura crunch. I thought this was fine, too. Nothing that really stood out, especially to me, and the textures got a little too soft. But, not bad either. The mango sticky rice was a nice, refreshing way to end the meal.


Grade: B

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