Clendenin Edition: Blanch's Family Diner

By Candace Nelson - 9:36 PM

Blanchs Family Diner

Blanch's Family Diner in Clendenin serves up homestyle food in a simple, country-esque atmosphere.

Blanchs Family Diner

"Blanch’s was a well known spot years ago in town for locals, and now, years later, Blanch Jones’ family has opened Blanch’s Family Dinner to re-live some of those childhood memories. Daughters Lynn Taylor and Diana Chandler have made it their mission to bring back some of those memories to pass on to their families. These ladies have taken pride in this diner, and you can tell in the way they speak about their mother that this will be a place where you can definitely come and enjoy a meal and leave feeling like family. There is thought in even the smallest details inside the diner, such as the red checkered curtain tie backs, representing their mother," according to the Clay County Free Press.

Blanchs Family Diner

I ordered a crispy chicken melt, which came with ham, breaded chicken breast, ham, and mozzarella cheese. This is a really good start for a sandwich, but I needed a sauce to bring it home. The side of macaroni salad was good, though, and added that bit of moisture to the dish.

Blanchs Family Diner

Grade: B

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