Nitro Edition: Shima's Family Restaurant

By Candace Nelson - 9:59 PM


Shima's Family Restaurant is a unique, creative restaurant that features classuc homestyle dishes in addition to "oriental" dishes that have Asian inspiration.


I have ordered takeout from them when they were in a prior location, so I decided to dine in at their newest space on Bank Street in Nitro. It's a fairly narrow and long space with corrugated steel walls. It almost has a diner vibe, but the atmosphere certainly feels comfy.


I ordered the "Chef Special," which lists the description as simply whatever the chef decides to cook up. Sold. I was asked my preferred spice level, and I responded, "none essentially" and, they took it from there. The next thing I know, I receive a beautiful plate full of a variety of delicious bites.


Egg roll. Crab puff. Wings. Chicken lo mein. It was like a variety platter from Heaven, and every single bite was delicious. From sweet and savory to more sour and umami, the flavors of the dish hit all the points, and it was like all the best parts of a buffet. It was a surprise, it was fun to try, and it was all so good.


Grade: A

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