Candace Lately is a blog about the local food culture in West Virginia. Its purpose is to speak to the community of foodies in town and provide a forum for discussion about local restaurants, food and people who embrace this Appalachian state's culture.

From information about farmers' markets to the state fruit to restaurant reviews, Candace Lately aims to help keep the community informed about all things food- and drink-related. Created in 2009, the blog flourishes as a labor of love and hobby.

The "Candace Lately" blog name was originally crafted to reflect posts on general interest topics - things of interest, as of late. As the blog evolved, it became solely focused on food culture. So, it's now what's going on lately in food culture.

I'm Candace Nelson, and I am a West Virginia University alumna. I currently work in public relations. I have a Bachelor of Arts in English with a concentration in professional writing and editing, Bachelor of Science in Journalism with a focus on news-editorial (minor in Business Administration) and Master of Science in Journalism.

I have a passion for reading, writing, religion, feminism, media, storytelling, West Virginia and all things local - specifically food. I fully believe in supporting the local economy and culture. As a lifelong Appalachian, I value the state and the fruits it creates.

This space on the Internet provides me with an ongoing dialogue where I can document the people, places and memories created during dining experiences, an integral part of our culture. Many important conversations, life decisions and valuable thoughts are shared around the dining table, and in addition to trying new places, giving people some information about the restaurant and indulging in my Appalachian heritage, I'm able to give a nod to the people I was with and record our time together in a way.

This blog is my take on local food culture from my perspective. I'm not an expert by any stretch of the imagination. But I am here having fun. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me: Candace127@gmail.com

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