Bridgeport Edition: Roasted Ice Cafe

By Candace Nelson - 8:14 PM

Roasted ice cafe

Roasted Ice Cafe opened in the Bridgeport mall in 2022 before moving locations this past February. After just a month in the new location it closed permanently. Before they shuttered, I stopped by their mall location.

Roasted ice cafe

They had a large menu, which included everything from espresso and matcha to frappes and Italian soda. The ladder is not something I have seen very often in West Virginia, so it piqued my curiosity.

Roasted ice cafe

So, I ordered an Italian soda with strawberry and peach. They added whipped cream and a cherry on top, which made it feel extra special. but, I was handed a bit of a sticky mess. though, it was still pretty tasty. It's kinda like a soda, but it definitely feels lighter and fruitier. It was smooth and sweet.

Roasted ice cafe

Grade: B

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