Monday, December 21, 2009


So, Christmas is almost here. It doesn't really seem like it, and I can slowly see myself growing old. I remember how Christmas was the absolute most magical day, but now I'm not even looking forward to it. Maybe part of that is because I won't be getting my Christmas present until midway through January. What do I want, you ask?

1. iPhone
I don't qualify for a new phone until Jan. 14, so that's why I won't be getting it until nearly a month afterward. But I have a Blackjack now, and I like it, but I want to do everything in one gadget. I think it will be really useful, and I'm excited about the applications.

2. MacBook
This will be something I'll have to save up for, but I already have two Windows laptops and am ready for a Mac. I love the image editing you can do on these!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

overworked and underpaid

Well, I've always been good at getting myself in over my head. When it comes down to actually needing a mental break, I know I overdid it. I am really wearing myself thin with class, the DA, the SOJ Magazine, clubs and whatnot. To make things even better, I threw being a writing center tutor in there. But I'm super excited about that.

ANYWAY, I decided to NOT work at elder-beerman during the breaks. I really, really was planning on it. But at this point, I need the break more than anything else.

In lots of good other news, Morgantown is getting a Sonic! Which is super exciting because I've never been to one, but I always see the commercials. That's fun.

Today I really just relaxed and tried to get myself together. I have a bit of homework I need to be doing, and a big story I need to write. My brain needed a rest.

While resting, though, I've been pondering a new haircut. It's been way overdue. I am really thinking of a really long side-swept bang with an asymmetrical cut -- longer in the front and shorter in the back. But not too short! We'll see. I'm thinking about it during Thanksgiving Break. Five more days until a long break!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


I've decided that Morgantown needs a DiCarlo's Pizza. Pretty much, it's the best pizza I've ever had. It's true Italian and is just fabulous. The crust is crisp, the cheese is thrown on at the end so it's nice and oozy gooey, and I love extra cheese and mushrooms on mine.

The only problem is that I only get to eat it when I'm at home, which is Wellsburg, WV. And, I don't go home often. SO, since college students love pizza, and the best thing they have around here is Casa D'Amici, I am determined to bring a DiCarlo's here. The next best thing is Pizza Al's, which is pretty kick ass, but no DiCarlos.

If there are any DiCarlos representatives out there in Blogger land, hear my plea!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

long time no update!

Obviously, I'm no good at updating often. It's difficult. BUT, I do want to share some cool things I found. I am always suspicious when someone tells me to try something -- like what strings are attached -- but, really, these two things are golden.

1. Play "Food Friendzy" on Facebook. Everyone gets bored and messes around on facebook. This is just a game where you flip over cards, and some have points, some have negative points, you get the idea. Anyway, when you're done, you can redeem the points for coupons to restaurants. no kidding. no strings attached here. Currently, there are only about 10 restaurants in Morgantown that participate in it, but still. I have a ton of points right now. You can only place once per day, but I've gotten completely free meals. Who doesnt want to play an easy game and get coupons for restaurants?

2. Use Swagbucks as a search engine. You sign up, search with it, and are randomly given swagbucks periodically whenever you search. I signed up about a week ago, and I'm up to 21 swagbucks. You can redeem these bucks for giftcards. There's a $5 Amazon gift card for just 45 points! I do a lot of searching with my job, so this helps. The only downside with this is that the first two or three websites are sponsored, so you have to dig a little more to find what you want, but it is powered by google. It's worth $5 at Amazon. I haven't got my card yet, but I can't wait until I do!

That's all for now!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

President Clements is the coolest president. Obama is a close second.

So I got to have a picnic with President Clements. And the new provost who was just announced today. Very, very cool. When people say he is personable, they weren't lying. He was constantly running around chatting up everyone and was very genuine about it. He never stayed in one spot too long, and just made sure to chat with every person he saw.

It's nice to see we have a very qualified president this time. He's very intelligent, kind and considerate. I don't want to sound like the Jim Clements fan club here, but I may start it up. He made sure I ate, made sure I was introduced to everyone that he was running around and chatting up. I even got to go inside his house. Pretty cool. Not everyone can say that, right?

His staff also seems like a great group of people. Everyone seemed so friendly. The new provost is sweet. Chris Martin is great. They're great people. Can't wait to actually see what he does in a day!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A New Start

With the advice of a very smart woman at WVU, I have decided to try to keep up with this blog. It may only be a few words every now and then, but I will certainly do my best.

The New York Times had an article today about WV's drinking water. Check it out here:

It's pretty crazy to me that something like this still exists. Not only that, but it adds to the stereotype that West Virginia is poor and uneducated. I feel like others reading this will just feel pity for WV. How could we allow something like this to go on?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

West Virginia Day

It's funny how I never used to like West Virginia. I knew I wanted to leave as soon as I finished college. And, I still do. But, deep down, I love West Virginia. =]

In other news, Voyagers at the airport has changed its name to Ali Babas, and I've been trying to get ahold of them to write about it...

Friday, June 19, 2009

Going Postal

There are 81 gun deaths per day in the USA.

That figure has probably increased since 2004, too. I imagine it's in the 90s now. Information for Great Britain is available for 2009: about 40 deaths PER YEAR. So, why is it that people freak out when we someone says we need stricter gun laws? Obviously, we do.


So, I decided to become a well-rounded social media-er. Facebook, Twitter, now a blog. My life is crazy, busy, hectic so it should be interesting. There's a lot to say, all the time, so why not have a spot to do it?

I went to see The Hangover last night, and I must say, I am thoroughly disappointed. Everyone made it seem like it was going to be this amazing comedy. It wasn't an Anchorman by any stretch of the imagination.