President Clements is the coolest president. Obama is a close second.

By Candace Nelson - 7:54 PM

So I got to have a picnic with President Clements. And the new provost who was just announced today. Very, very cool. When people say he is personable, they weren't lying. He was constantly running around chatting up everyone and was very genuine about it. He never stayed in one spot too long, and just made sure to chat with every person he saw.

It's nice to see we have a very qualified president this time. He's very intelligent, kind and considerate. I don't want to sound like the Jim Clements fan club here, but I may start it up. He made sure I ate, made sure I was introduced to everyone that he was running around and chatting up. I even got to go inside his house. Pretty cool. Not everyone can say that, right?

His staff also seems like a great group of people. Everyone seemed so friendly. The new provost is sweet. Chris Martin is great. They're great people. Can't wait to actually see what he does in a day!

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