By Candace Nelson - 12:48 PM

So, Christmas is almost here. It doesn't really seem like it, and I can slowly see myself growing old. I remember how Christmas was the absolute most magical day, but now I'm not even looking forward to it. Maybe part of that is because I won't be getting my Christmas present until midway through January. What do I want, you ask?

1. iPhone
I don't qualify for a new phone until Jan. 14, so that's why I won't be getting it until nearly a month afterward. But I have a Blackjack now, and I like it, but I want to do everything in one gadget. I think it will be really useful, and I'm excited about the applications.

2. MacBook
This will be something I'll have to save up for, but I already have two Windows laptops and am ready for a Mac. I love the image editing you can do on these!

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