Sunday, March 31, 2019

Morgantown Edition: The Pizza Place

Pizza Place - Morgantown

If you've ever been to the Parkersburg area, you're probably familiar with The Pizza Place.

Pizza Place - MorgantownThe iconic pizza shop has a cult following for its two locations. And, now, there's a third in Morgantown.

Pizza Place - MorgantownThe Pizza Place serves two kinds of pizza: Sicilian (thick crust) and Neopolitan (thin crust).

Pizza Place - MorgantownThey also have items like pepperoni rolls, calzones, strombolis, wings, and subs.

Pizza Place - MorgantownTo start, we sampled a pepperoni roll!

Pizza Place - MorgantownAnd, then I got one slice of each style.

Pizza Place - MorgantownThe Sicilian is thick, with a crisp crust.

Pizza Place - MorgantownThe little pepperonis curl up into tiny grease cups.

Pizza Place - MorgantownThe Neopolitan slices are large.

Pizza Place - MorgantownI got mine with mushrooms! Which do you like better?

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Masontown Edition: Miller's Eats And Sweets

Millers Eats & Sweets

Let's be clear: I will never say no to ice cream. Especially over-the-top milkshakes.

Millers Eats & SweetsSo when I saw that Miller's Eats And Sweets in Masontown was offering them, I made my way to this sweet restaurant ASAP.

Millers Eats & SweetsDownstairs, there are a number of amazing-looking pastry items and desserts available. Then, the restaurants is upstairs.

Millers Eats & SweetsThis country primitive restaurant has homestyle menu items - like breakfast platters (including buckwheat cakes), sandwiches and paninis, burgers and salads.

Millers Eats & SweetsI ordered the turkey cranberry panini - turkey, spinach, havarti and cranberry. It came with a side of chips.

Millers Eats & SweetsFor milkshakes, they had candy bar, strawberry shortcake, salted caramel (this was hard for me to pass up!) - but the s'mores milkshake just looked more fun.

Millers Eats & SweetsNever go wrong with a s'mores milkshake.

Friday, March 29, 2019

Charleston Edition: Copper Pint Irish Pub

Copper Pint

I'm still making my way around to the various bars in Charleston.

Copper PintI don't go out much these days, so it's taken my quite a while to make it to some of them. One of which I've been wanting to go to - to try the food - is Copper Pint.

Copper PintWhen I've been here before, I didn't get a chance to try anything from the menu. So, Sara and I took a happy hour trip.

Copper PintFirst, a SeaQuench.

Copper PintSara got some fried pickles, and I went for buffalo chicken dip.

Copper PintI did not realize that the Copper Pint shares the same menu with Vino's. But buffalo chicken dip is always a good time.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

9th Annual Chef’s Challenge for the Covenant House

Covenant House Chef Challenge

The annual Chef's Challenge from the Covenant House was held on Tuesday at the Clay Center and featured more than a dozen local chefs.

Covenant House Chef ChallengeIt's a tapas-style dine-around at the Clay Center where these chefs created a bite or two, and after #15, it feels as though you've had a full meal!

Covenant House Chef ChallengeWe started with appetizers - these amtipasti cups and philly steak pinwheels.

Covenant House Chef ChallengeAnd once we made our way inside the dining space, it was all laid out by table and chef.

Covenant House Chef ChallengeOnce I grabbed a plate, I was ready to start making my rounds!

Covenant House Chef ChallengeChef Tim Urbanic (Cafe Cimino) - Calabrian Style Shrimp Lemon Cello

Covenant House Chef ChallengeChef Oscar Aguilar (Cafe Cimino) - Eggplant Involtini; Chef Eli Urbanic (Cafe Cimino) - Chocolate Chip Brownies; Chef Gary Needham (Starlings Coffee & Provisions) - Pistacho Greek Lasagna

Covenant House Chef ChallengeChef Dennis Harris (Edgewood Country Club) - Curried Sweet Potato Bisque

Covenant House Chef ChallengeChef Evan Wilson (Ichiban Pan-Asian Cuisine) - Tuna and wasabi bites; eggrolls with sauces

Covenant House Chef Challenge

Chef Heath Ax (Berry Hills Country Club) - Thai Short Rib Taco with wasabi slaw; chocolate cups with green tea & coconut mousse; Chef Frank Gonzales (Mi Cocina de Amor, Gonzoburger) - Grilled shrimp and pimento cheese with roasted red bell pepper

Covenant House Chef ChallengeCovenant House Chef ChallengeChef Jeni Burns (Ms. Groovy's Kitchen) - Chicken and waffles

Covenant House Chef ChallengeChef John Wright (Bridge Road Bistro) - Black bean cakes

Covenant House Chef ChallengeChef Kevin Madison (Black Sheep Burritos & Brews) - Ribs and vegan curried Samosas (top)

Covenant House Chef ChallengeChef Mary Brent Galyean (Personal Chef) - Duck l'orange, maple braised golden beet

Barista Venu Menon (Mea Cuppa Coffeebar) - Craft coffees

Covenant House Chef ChallengeBaker MK O'Haver (Personal Baker) - Mini chocolate brownie cakes, tiramisu brownie bites, Frangelico pound cake

Covenant House Chef ChallengeChef Teri Bush Bevins (Lil Bit of Heaven Cupcakes) - Pineapple margarita, chocolate peanut butter mousse and wedding cake cupcakes

Covenant House Chef ChallengeI mean, wow! It was really an amazing event.

Covenant House Chef ChallengeAnd, it's all for a great cause. Have you been?

Covenant House Chef Challenge

Huntington Edition: Taste of Asia

Taste of Asia

I can't turn down Asian food. Whether it's Chinese or Thai or sushi, I am here for it.

Taste of AsiaTaste of Asia has a few locations in the area: South Charleston, this one in Huntington, and one in Teays Valley I haven't been to yet.

Taste of AsiaTaste of Asia has Chinese food, hibachi, sushi, and more.

Taste of AsiaI started with an order of crab rangoons - wontons filled with imitation crab meat and cream cheese, fried until golden brown - because I'm basic, and it's one of my favorite foods ever.

Taste of AsiaAnd I got a sushi roll - the Daisy Roll - spicy crab, cream cheese, avocado, spicy shrimp, spicy mayo, mango, eel sauce and yellow tobiko.

Taste of AsiaMm. What's your favorite dish here?

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Fancy Ramp Market Dinner: A Celebration of Spring Tonics at Fish Hawk Acres

Fish Hawk Acres - ramp dinnerI had my first ramp dinner of the season - and it was a fancy one.

Fish Hawk Acres - ramp dinnerFish Hawk Acres hosts their yearly "Fancy Ramp Market Dinner," which features a few courses highlighting the ramp.

Fish Hawk Acres - ramp dinnerBatter bread with roasted garlic & ramp butter; biscuits with ramp jam.

Fish Hawk Acres - ramp dinnerRamp fritter with creme fraiche and sweet bacon jam.

Fish Hawk Acres - ramp dinnerSpring pea and ramp soup shot.

Fish Hawk Acres - ramp dinnerSpring asparagus and Swiss chard salad with grilled ramp vinaigrette and a mini truffle grilled cheese sandwich.

Fish Hawk Acres - ramp dinnerSkirt steak and crab cake with rosti potatoes, baby carrots and English peas.

Fish Hawk Acres - ramp dinnerRhubarb and lemon tart with wild berry sorbet

Have you been?