Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Mountaineer Week - Pepperoni Roll Day

Mountaineer Week

Any time I can celebrate the pepperoni roll, I'm happy. It's even better if I get to eat some while I'm at it.

Mountaineer WeekMountaineer Week recently hosted its second annual Pepperoni Roll Day where area pepperoni roll makers came together to compete for top 'roni roll honors.

Mountaineer WeekAnd, yours truly was there to sling books and eat rolls.

Mountaineer Week
There were some new contenders this year, like Home Industry, Pasco's & Clubhouse Grill

1st Mid-Atlantic Market
2nd Tomaro's
3rd Byrd's Donuts

People's Choice: Mid-Atlantic Market
Judge's Choice: Byrd's Donuts

Mountaineer WeekAfter all the pepperoni rolls, I was able to check out the craft fair, where I saw a few cool things like these candles from Penn & Co.

Mountaineer WeekAnd these candies from A La Carte!

Mountaineer WeekWhat's your favorite part of Mountaineer Week?

Mountaineer Week

Mountaineer Week

St. Albans Edition: Coal River Coffee Company

Coal River Coffee

A new little coffee shop in St. Albans has all the area abuzz.

Coal River Coffee

Coal River Coffee Company has a cute space with exposed brick wall and wooden counter.

Coal River Coffee

I could definitely see myself getting some work done here!

Coal River Coffee

They have some pastries available on the counter - like this cocoa krispie treat!

Coal River Coffee

While they had just opened, they were still very busy!

Coal River Coffee

Just some more goodies taunting me.

Coal River CoffeeThe espresso bar wasn't quite up and running yet, so I went with a cold brew with some caramel.

Coal River Coffee

Look how picture perfect this space is! What's your favorite item?

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Bridge Day Chili Cook-off 2018

Bridge Day Chili CookoffI've judged a few chili cook-offs in my day, but they're usually in the dead of summer when it's 95 degrees outside. Recently, I was super lucky to join the Bridge Day Chili Cook-off in Fayetteville as a judge - and it was perfect fall weather!

Bridge Day Chili CookoffThere were four entries across two categories - beans and no beans.

Bridge Day Chili CookoffAnd, the first one I had I loved so much! It almost tasted bbq-y, like baked beans were involved. But it was delicious and I ended up taking the remainder of the judges portion to-go. A few little pieces of cornbread, and it was heaven.

Bridge Day Chili CookoffThe others ranged from much thinner, more southwestern style, to spicy versions that would be at home on a hot dog.

Bridge Day Chili CookoffHow do you like your chili?

Bridge Day Chili Cookoff

Oak Hill Edition: The Lost Paddle

Lost PaddleI'm continually amazed at all the incredible food in West Virginia - even in some of the most unexpected places.

Lost PaddleI recently went to ACE Adventure Resort and, of course, had to get a bite to eat while there. Look at that margherita pizza!

Lost PaddleAnd these nachos have kicked off a never-ending hunt for amazing nachos. Look at all that queso.

Lost PaddleAnd boozy slushies are the perfect dessert for any lunch.

Have you been here before?

Monday, October 29, 2018

Local Pickle Pizza

Pickle pizzaFor some reason, pickles are all the craze this year. People are putting them on everything - pizza included.

Cross Lanes restaurant and market T&M Meats has jumped on the trend, creating their version in their Brick Oven Bistro restaurant.

It's made with a homemade garlic Parmesan sauce, a blend of cheeses and dill stackers. And while I think it could be even better with black olives, sausage and feta, the owner urged me to try it just as it is. And you know, it was pretty good.

For someone who is just OK with pickles, I was expecting the flavor to be overwhelming. But, it wasn't. The cheese mellows it out very well.

Would you try it?

Charleston Edition: Buddy B's Market

Buddy Bs Market

I've talked before about how southern West Virginia certainly has a hot dog culture.

Buddy Bs Market

I honestly didn't know how much people loved hot dogs until I moved here the first time.

Buddy Bs MarketRecently, I was reading this piece on a West Virginia hot dog road trip and noticed a place I hadn't been to: Buddy B's Market.

Buddy Bs MarketThis Sissonville grocery serves a few hot items like hot dogs and hot bologna, in addition to their packaged products.

Buddy Bs MarketI went to the small counter to the right and decided to try two different hot dogs this time: a traditional West Virginia hot dog with chili, slaw, mustard and onions. Then I also got one with ketchup and onions just to switch it up a bit.

Buddy Bs Market

They were prepared on a small paper and slid into a bag, but remained in tact for consumption. Super fine slaw and onions.

Buddy Bs Market

I read somewhere that only people under like 10 are allowed to put ketchup on a hot dog. Welp, here we are!

Who makes your favorite hot dog?

Sunday, October 28, 2018

So I decided to see which sandwich shop is my favorite

I recently got on a kick where I wanted to try all of the sandwich shops in the area to find out which should be my go-to. Growing up, we only had Subway, so it was my standard. But, as I moved further south, I have discovered a whole bunch of others I had never been to. So, here's a quick post about my recent adventures.


This will forever be one of my favorites because it was one of the few fast food places in Wellsburg growing up, and $5 footlongs have a special place in my heart.

Jimmy Johns

Jimmy John's
As a poor journalist in downtown Charleston, Jimmy John's became a go-to. It is seriously freaky fast, so it makes for an easy lunch.

Sub SandwichesJersey Mikes
This sub shop was brand new to me until recently. I made a trek to Teays Valley just to try their Italian. Which, I must say, is pretty dang good.

Sub Sandwiches

Penn Station

I've only been to Penn Station 2 or 3 times. And, never to the ones in Charleston, so I decided to check out the Corridor G location. A pizza sub is a different option.

Steak Escape

Steak Escape

Steak Escape

Sub Sandwiches

Steak Escape
I had never been to - or really heard of - a Steak Escape until recently. So I went to check it out on Corridor G. If you love Philly cheesesteaks, it might be one to check out. For posterity - I had to try both locations on Corridor G and MacCorkle.


Firehouse Subs
Firehouse Subs is probably my favorite hot sub shop. If I want a cold sub (which I tend to call hoagies), it might be Jimmy Johns. But hot subs - this place.

Quaker SteakQuaker SteakQuaker Steak & Lube
So I guess this place really isn't a sub shop, but I didn't know that. I learned quickly the thing to get here is wings, so I went for that (and some mac & cheese). They're OK.

Steak & Shake

Steak & ShakeSteak & Shake

Steak 'n Shake

I had heard of Steak 'n Shake's cult following, but there were never really any super close to where I've lived. I learned it's a sit-down restaurant, and they have pretty dang good burgers. I got one with mushrooms and truffle aioli, and it was fabulous. Not to mention parmesan fries and a s'mores milkshake. Heaven.

When I asked folks their favorite sub shop, I also got answers like: Potbelly, Primanti Brothers, Quiznos, Schlotzsky's, Which Which, Bellacino's, Pita Pit, and DiBellas. Which is your favorite?

Fayetteville Edition: Wood Iron Eatery

Wood Iron eatery

Wood Iron Eatery is a new restaurant in Fayetteville, situated in a beautiful older home just back from the bustling downtown.

Wood Iron eatery

These pillows were for sale inside. How cute!

Wood Iron eatery

The menu features breakfast and lunch items, as well as coffee.

Wood Iron eatery

I ordered at the counter and received my marker - this cute little guy!

Wood Iron eatery

So, I went with the AM Hand-Held, which has egg, housemade maple sausage, American cheese, chili aioli, english muffin and pepper jelly.

Wood Iron eatery