Some Dance to Remember; Some Dance to Forget

By Candace Nelson - 3:32 PM

Whoa, it's been more than a month since I blogged. How did that happen? Sorry =[

So, what's been going on? This year has gone by faster than I could've ever imagined. I'm already a junior, and I will be scheduling for senior classes in a week. So crazy.

I have two internships lined up: USA Today and WV Living for the summer. I'm excited for both, and I can't wait to get started. I may also be going out for editor in chief of The Daily Athenaeum for next year. Scary!

I'm currently in my capstone class where I've been writing stories for the Charleston Daily Mail, so maybe I'm just burnt out on writing at the moment. We also have to blog for that class, and it can be found here:

We also have to complete two multimedia projects. Our first is finished: I completed this with Joey Machak and Matt Armstrong.

Spring Break is coming up soon, which means I'm going to Italy!! I can't wait to see another country. To top it all off, I recently won the Kearns Fellowship, and I get to explore Paris, too! Unbelievable, yes? Amazing. I am just overjoyed.

There are TWO pizza places in Morgantown that I am determined to try very soon: Rosa's Pizza & Pasta and The Original Pizzeria. I hear the latter is some of the best in Morgantown. I'll see if it can compare to Pizza Al's.

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