Sunday, October 23, 2011

Follansbee Edition: Snooty Pig Cafe

I had to go to the northern panhandle for an unfortunate circumstance, but it gave me the chance to check out some new local businesses. One in particular sounded interesting. The Snooty Pig Cafe, located in downtown Follansbee, sounded too good to pass up. So, a friend and I ventured down.
When we walked inside the restaurant, I was shocked at how small it was. There were literally a handful of tables in one open room. Despite the bells shaking on the door, no one came to greet us, so we chose a table off to the side. The walls were painted a dark brown to look like the inside of a barn. There was a pig painted next to me, and a painted window on the opposite wall. The tablecloths are the cheap red-white checkered plastic deals, and there is a pile of napkins on each table. Another wall played host to a dozen stuffed animals - all pigs. It was very dark inside, and since it was very small, also, it wasn't the most comfortable dining experience.
We noticed a sign that said cash only, so I knew that once we were handed the menus, that I couldn't be choosing a very pricey dish. I was in luck, because the menu featured dirt-cheap items. Since we were going for breakfast, I was looking at the breakfast sandwiches, biscuits and gravy and egg options. One thing that looked different to me was the egg BLT. I had never had one, and I knew I liked a BLT, so I opted for that.
We waited only a few minutes before our sandwich, slice diagonally, came out. I checked it out - a nice omelet with bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo all stacked neatly in-between the grilled pieces of bread. I took a bite and was pleased. I had never tried this combination before, and now I'm not sure why not. It was tasty! The bacon was salty and crisp. The egg was not too overwhelming, but fluffy and thin. Mayo added a slight tanginess. Tomatoes were in the background - slightly soggy, but a good team player for the rest of the meal. Not a bad combo, and kind of creative.

With my water, the dish came to about $4. You really can't beat that. However, I hadn't been to Follansbee for a long time, and I forgot how terrible the water is. Don't drink it - opt for a pop or juice. I'd be interested to see their lunch menu. I wasn't a fan of the interior, but the sandwich surprised me. And, to top it off, they do a drawing for a free meal, so if you fill out your info on this stub, you're entered into the contest - just for dining in. It's a place to check out, and it's something new for little Follansbee, but it won't be running with the big dogs any time soon.
Grade: B
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