China City Restaurant

By Candace Nelson - 8:00 AM

Located off the beaten path, China City is worth the travel. In the Sabraton area on Earl Core Road, this restaurant is small but welcoming. As soon as my friend and I walked in, we were greeted and chose a table. Some decorations and a menu board hung on the wall. We perused the lunch menu before making our decisions.

I opted for sweet and sour chicken, with white rice, as well as an egg roll. My friend and I split an order of crab rangoon-cheese wontons. My entree was only about $5. Our food came up super fast. Almost as soon as we placed the order, the cheese wontons came out. Creamiest wontons, and the outside was light and flaky. Yum!

Then the eggrolls came out soon after. Pretty basic eggroll - nothing too fancy here. Then our entrees came out. You can tell it's primarily a take-out place. My food was served in a plastic bowl with the sweet and sour on the side. At a place like Peking House, it's primarily a sit-down restaurant, so it comes out with a prettier presentation. It was also lacking the peppers and onions shown in the photo, but that's okay.

The chicken was good quality, which is sometimes hard to find. The sweet and sour sauce was tasty, too. It also wasn't dripping with grease. I felt like I was full afterward, but not weighed down.

For $10, with great quality products, you can't go wrong here. China City is one of my favorites in town.

Grade: A
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  1. I like this place. I need to watch what I eat to keep my weight in check. Many Chinese restaurants serve only high fat food dripping with oil, even if you order vegetables. This place is very cooperative about special requests, like steamed vegetables with sauce on the side!

    1. Good call! That's always nice when you're trying to watch what you eat. Thanks for the comment!


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