Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Koreana Asian Market

I noticed a new Asian market on Don Knotts recently. Ever since I saw the "Koreana" sign, I've been wanting to check it out. I'm probably the worst person to be talking about this because I'm clueless. But I'm trying to learn! Inside the building was very clean and organized. Though it was foreign to me, I didn't feel overwhelmed.

Koreana says it sells Korean, Japanese, Indian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai and Phillipino food. A few aisles are dedicated to packaged goods, while some produce, as well as frozen items are located toward the back of the store. They even have a taste testing area to sample some of their products. And they have a sort of deli, where a woman was preparing fresh packaged dishes for sale.

I came home with some snacks - mochi, a lychee drink, cookies, crackers, etc. Mochi has an odd texture to me. The lychee drink was okay. The Yan-Yan strawberry was tasty. I also love that the cookie/crackers have random English sayings on them. It's entertaining. I have yet to try the others. For only about $12, I got to try something new. A friend got a fish-shaped ice cream that he loved! Maybe I'll try that next time.