Monday, October 29, 2012

Taziki's Mediterranean Cafe

If you've read my blog, you know that I am completely devoted to local (mostly) West Virginia restaurants. I have a few reviews that spill out onto Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia. I don't see the point in reviewing a McDonald's or a Subway because you can get those anywhere in the country - or world!

I like devoting this little space on the web to highlight West Virginia specialties. Let's be honest, this state doesn't get a lot of positive attention, and there are a ton of great aspects - I choose to showcase those of the culinary variety.

But recently a friend asked me about Taziki's Mediterranean Cafe, located in the Suncrest Towne Centre. I told her not to go because it was a chain. Then I realized that I am pretty strict with the term "chain," and maybe I could loosen that a little bit. I've previously blogged about Five Guys because it was the first location I had ever been to in the state. And, there was quite a bit of buzz about it.

Since Taziki's only has two locations in West Virginia (one of which being in the Mountainlair), it makes sense to shine some light on it. I won't technically review it (and, thus, no grade) because I reserve that for West Virginia originals.

Taziki's Mediterranean Cafe has locations in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, and, of course, West Virginia. The restaurant features fresh, Mediterranean cuisine - like gyros, salads, and sandwiches. They also have daily specials, which include pastas and more.

At the Suncrest location, you walk up to the counter, take a gander at the menu, place your order and find a seat. The Mountainlair is similar, but you wait there for your food. At the Suncrest location, they bring it to you. There is ample dining space, and it's kind of a nice, cool atmosphere.

My favorite item on their menu is the "grilled tilapia with caper-dill tartar sauce" under The Mediterranean Deli section. It comes with a choice of side: basmati rice, roasted potatoes, pasta salad, tomato-cucumber salad, or fruit. I like the pasta salad best.

The tilapia sandwich is fresh, and the tartar sauce gives it a bit of a kick. The pasta salad is fresh and zesty. They all come with Ruffles potato chips - which are good if you want that added crunch.

It's quick food that is more on the healthy side, and the interior is relaxing - I could see getting some work done here. Since it is the only full location in West Virginia, don't completely count it out.

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